Order of Packing

As your local moving company Agoura Hills, we have packed up many homes over the
years. There is typically an “order of operations” that is most logically followed when it comes
to packing. When moving time is rarely on your side so it is best to start as early as possible. See
below for a few tips on things to pack up first, up through the very last items to grab on your
way out the door from your local moving company Agoura Hills.
 Non-Essentials: Consider first packing up things you rarely use such as old books you
have read, magazines you no longer are using (or toss), picture frames, and other décor
that is easily put away. Also consider packing up immediately any out of season décor or
holiday décor that can be stored away until after the move.
 Clothing: Start with clothing that is out of season similar to décor. If you are moving in
the summer, feel free to immediately box up all of your winter clothing. Don’t forget to
use your jackets and thick or soft items to help pad boxes for breakable items!
 Kitchen: When it comes to the kitchen there are likely many items you can live without
for an extended period of time. For example, consider boxing up any serving platters,
duplicate items such as the third spatula, and any fancy china you will not need until
after your move.
 Electronics: Make sure you label all cords and pieces that may be separated so that you
know how to put items back together again once you arrive. Box up any electronics such
as spare televisions and stereo systems you can temporarily live without. Save until the
last-minute items such as desktop computers.
 Essentials: Make sure you leave enough supplies to pack up day of essentials such as
toiletries, medications, change of clothes, supplies for children and/or pets, etc.