Your Home Away From Home

Russell’s Moving & Storage, Inc. is proud to offer our residential and commercial customers the quality, affordable storage opportunities they deserve. We will
store your precious and most valuable belongings in our private 80,000 square foot facility located in San Fernando, California.

Why do we call our storage facility your Home Away From Home? Aside from having a safe and secure facility, regular maintenance is highly important to our company.
We pride ourselves in every form of maintenance that makes our storage facility Your Home Away from Home. Our floors are regularly scrubbed, buffed, and shined! You’re in good hands. Please view our gallery to see more images of our warehouse and the people that make our facility your home!

Safe and Secure

When it comes to a safe and secure facility, you found it! Russell’s Moving and Storage Inc.! Our facility is private for staff and customer access only. It’s not open to public access. We have a 24-hour surveillance security system for your peace of mind with direct communication with police force along with a fire protection system connected directly with the fire department. We believe the quality of your items should be equally as great as when they left your home. Therefore, in a superbly organized fashion, your items are safely stored and secured inside our well-insulated warehouse facility out of harm’s way from outside elements making it the perfect safe place to store your precious belongings.


We are not your typical Public Storage where you roll
open the door as you see. All stored items are placed
in our secure 5 x 7 x 7 storage vaults, and we conduct a
thorough inventory for quick access and easy
identification purposes. This means no need to rummage
through things in small spaces!

We use synchronized number labels. Everything is
and imaged making it completely accessible for
you! And within 3-5 days, a OneDrive file will be emailed
to you for your referencing needs which will contain the
images of your labeled item!

It’s a very easy system and what makes our storage
process work! Customers love it and there’s no better
peace of mind to have when it comes to storing your

Oversized items to be

In need of crating for that
specialty item?

No problem! We have the
space and the resources
to accommodate!

We offer short-term or long-term storage options! From
Weekly, to Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annual, and
Annual storage
. Inquire with our office staff today about
pricing and discounts available to you!

Are you ready to store with us?