Pets and Moving: How to Keep Your Furry Friends Calm During a Big Move

Moving is always a stressful experience, and it can be especially tough on your pets.
Here in Burbank, Russell’s is an experienced mover that can help make the process easier, but
there are also some tips and tricks you can follow to help keep your furry friends calm during a
big move. In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to make the transition easier for your pets and
provide some helpful advice from the movers in Burbank.
Preparing Your Pet for the Move

Moving can be stressful for everyone involved, including our furry friends. The best way to
ensure a smooth transition for your pet is to start preparing them in advance. Here are some
tips to help your pet get ready for the move:
1. Schedule a Vet Appointment: Before you start packing up your home, take your pet to the
vet for a checkup and to update their vaccinations. This will give you peace of mind and ensure
that your pet is in good health before the move.
2. Create a Safety Kit: You never know what might happen during a move, so it’s important to
be prepared. Put together a safety kit for your pet that includes essential items such as their
food, water, leash, toys, first-aid supplies, and any medications they might need.
3. Update Your Pet’s Tags: If you’re moving to a new state or county, make sure your pet’s tags
reflect your new address and contact information.moving
4. Visit the New Home: If possible, take your pet on a visit to the new home before the move
so they can become familiar with their new surroundings.
5. Create a Familiar Space: On the day of the move, create a cozy spot in the corner of one
room that’s just for your pet. This should include their bed, toys, food and water bowls, and
anything else they might need. This will provide them with a sense of familiarity and comfort as
everything around them changes.
By following these tips, you can help ease your pet’s anxiety and make sure they stay safe
during the move.