Storage Needs During a Move

If you are in the process of moving, we highly recommend our storage Agoura Hills
services. If you work with Russell’s, you will quickly notice the difference of working with a
team that has the experience you desire. Our moving and storage services are so streamlined
that you will never go another route when moving again. See below for some of the reasons
you will want to have storage readily available during your move.
1. Take your time: Moving can be a stressful time. If you are able to give yourself the gift
of time, we highly recommend it. By moving your belongings slowly into a storage
facility, you give yourself the extra time needed to be able to get out of your current
home and slowly move into your next home without the stress of specific deadlines.
2. Declutter: If you are working on selling your existing home it is likely a wise choice to
work on decluttering. This will help your home sell faster and at a higher price point.
Using a storage facility that can also help you move is an excellent option when it comes
to decluttering.
3. Simplify: Russell’s is a full-service moving provider in that we are able to pack, store,
and move all of your belongings. We are able to simplify your entire moving process for
you by providing everything you will need for a relaxing move.
4. Keep everything secure and safe: During the moving process you may have inspectors
and new home buyers walking through the premises. It can be reassuring to remove
certain items from the home in order to help keep them safe and secure.

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