Bill Sheinberg

by admin

May 30,2003

Future happy client of Russell's Delivery Service Russell Ragon recently moved 15 years worth of possessions with perfection. Russell and his staff shattered all perceptions I had with regard to the process of moving. He brings a friendly, efficient and focused attitude to an otherwise disruptive process frequently riddled with frenzied chaos. Throughout our 4-day move, Russell was flawless. Not a single item was broken, scratched or otherwise damaged. Russell brings over 15 years experience which is abundantly apparent. He effectively transported and reassembled extremely large and delicate items with ease. I only question one thing: How is it that Russell can (after 7 hours of lifting) remain as vibrant as he was during the first hour? Needless to say, I recommend Russell's Delivery Service with complete assurance.

Bill Sheinberg The Bubble Factory