Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Ready to move but are worried that your current home may not be eye-catching enough to attract potential buyers? Well, as attractive and well kept as your home may be on the inside, the one thing that attracts buyers automatically is curb appeal. A home with high curb appeal is sure to be the envy of neighbors, attract home buyers and increase the value of your home. But how do you give your home that “stop and stare” quality that attracts and impresses outsiders? Here are some tips from leading real estate experts for increasing your home’s curb appeal

  • Fix the roof: Is your roof missing shingles? Is it dingy or streaked? It is pitted with holes and other imperfections. A good roof cleaning or replacement is one way to increase your home’s appeal especially if it is to be viewed online.
  • Install outdoor lighting: Outdoor lighting can create more than a pleasant mood. It can also give potential buyers a feeling of safety and security. Home owners can add accent light to walking paths, near entrances, etc., by themselves or they can hire professionals to do so.
  • Pressure-wash dirty siding, decks and sidewalks: Clean your driveway of oil stains by pressure washing it on a regular basis. (If you don’t own a pressure washer one can easily be rented from either a home improvement or grocery store.) Also, be sure to seal broken sidewalks around your home and/or remove weeds that may be growing through cracks in the ground.
  • Cut back trees and bushes: Let people see the true beauty of your home by pruning back the trees, bushes and shrubs around your home. This will not only increase your home’s curb appeal, it will also prevent squirrels, mice, possums and other critters from using them as bridges to your roof and siding.curb appeal
  • Paint the front door: Transform your front door from a simple entry point to your home to a warm and welcoming entryway. Either repaint your door if it needs it or replace it completely.
  • Renew paint, siding, and trim: Has it been some time since you’ve painted the outside of your home? Is the trim or shingles old and worn? Do what is essentially the equivalent of a facelift to your home by rejuvenating its exterior.

Whether you intend to move or not, following these tips for increasing your home’s curb appeal is an investment that will pay huge dividends. If you are seeking a relocation company in Los Angeles we can make the move trouble free. We have storage, moving and designer services in Los Angeles that will give you peace of mind during what can be a very hectic process.