Things You Should Know about How Moving May Affect Your Taxes

Are you planning to move in the near future? If you are then you should know how moving may affect the filing of your tax return. Here are a few items you should note as you prepare for life in your new location. (Please consult a tax professional or the IRS if you have questions about any of these items as this article is a general overview of the topic.)

  • Change your address with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and US postal service: This will ensure that you get all notices that come from the IRS. As you can imagine, any correspondence coming from this agency can seriously impact your tax and income situation. We recommend that you feel out a Form 8822 Change of Address and mail it to the IRS if you are moving soon.
  • Know that certain of your moving expenses may be tax deductible: Deductions that you may be entitled to make under certain circumstances include travel expense such as airfare, mileage, parking, tolls, and hotels. You may also be entitled to deduct expenses such as the cost of packing, transporting, insuring, and storing your personal belongings.
  • Know the things for which you can claim a deduction: These include but are not limited to professional moving company costs, gas and oil for your trip, packing supplies, move insurance, storage for up to 30 days after your possessions have been moved, etc.
  • Know the things that are not deductible: You cannot, for example, deduct the cost of meals during your move nor can you deduct expenses for which your employer has already reimbursed you.
  • Know that in order to claim a job-related deduction of your moving expenses, your move must meet three requirements: (1) Your new job must be at least 50 miles farther from your old home than your prior job location, (2) You must work full-time at your new job for at least 39 weeks the first year after the move, (3) Your move must be related to the start of work.taxes

Note the above items before you move and your relocation will come off without a hitch and without incurring the ire of the Internal Revenue Service. Our Calabasas moving and storage can help you with the difficult tasks of moving. Our relocation company in Los Angeles specializes in making the move to your new home as stress free as possible by providing you with quick, courteous and professional service.   

Tips for Moving Your Wine Collection to Your New Home

If you have a high-value wine collection and are about to move then you have probably thought a lot lately about transporting your wines in a manner that causes them as little damage as possible. And since wine can be rather fragile, we offer you these steps for protecting this precious cargo.

  • Pack your wine appropriately: First and foremost, your wine bottles must be protected from possible breakage. You can do this by positioning the bottles on their sides and by wrapping them with newspaper, bubble wrap or even towels. Also, don’t be afraid to use generous amounts of each of these packing materials. Better safe than sorry.
  • Label your collection: Movers do pay attention to labels marked “Fragile” (at least ours do). Label the boxes containing your wines on all sides so that movers can see from every angle that they should be treated with special care.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Wine tends to be very sensitive to extreme temperature fluctuations. Therefore, try to avoid exposing your wine to temperatures cooler than 55 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period of time.
  • Take pictures of your collection: If you have a particularly valuable collection you may wish to take pictures of every bottle. This may come in handy for insurance purposes.
  • Hire a specialist: In order to alleviate some of the stress that is involved in moving a valuable collection, you should consider hiring professionals to transport your wines. Specialty moving services focus on moving valuable and fragile items. We have full service moving in Los Angeles that includes specialty services as well as short and long term storage. wine
  • Avoid bottle shock: When you arrive at your new destination, your wines are bound to have been jostled around to some degree. Therefore, you should wait sometime after you have moved to open them. Seven days after a move is the recommended period you should wait before opening wine bottles.

Russell’s Moving and Storage compiled this list in order to help you transport your wine more safely. However, we do not recommend doing so by yourself. You should consider hiring professionals to preserve the sanctity of your collection. This way you will help ensure that your wine gets there safely and you will have one less thing to worry about on what is bound to be a hectic day. Our Beverly Hills storage company is ready to help you with your next move. 

How to Move Your Garden to Your New Home

Creating a beautiful, sprawling garden is a significant investment of time and money. In fact, it’s just as much of an investment as one would make in any other part of the home. Thus, you should seriously think about how you will take your garden with you when you move. Read on to find the best way to move your garden in a way that the fruits of your labor will live on.


Consider which plants you want to take with you.

It probably won’t be possible for you to move your entire garden, so you should carefully think about which plants you do want to take with you. Remember also that you can take cuttings and seeds with you rather than entire plants which. This will spare you from having to transport mature plants that may be damaged in transit.

Make sure the soil conditions and climate are the same.


You will need to confirm that the area that you moving to has the same soil and climate conditions otherwise you may end up dooming your plants to ill health or even death. If you are moving nearby, then this may not be a huge problem.

Prune and tidy your trees and shrubs.


The trees and shrubs you do intend to take with you should be pruned of dead leaves and growth before moving. This will make your plants healthier and more likely to survive the journey.

Dig a wide swath around your plants.

You do not want to harm the root system for the plants you are about to transport. This would defeat the entire purpose of taking your plants with you as you move. Therefore, you should dig a wide area around your plants before you uproot and begin to pack

Pack your plants carefully:

To give your plants the best chance for survival, place them in plastic containers of appropriate sizes and use rods to fasten the stems of taller plants together. This will keep them from breaking during transportation. Wrap smaller plants in plastic or paper bags and transport them in your own vehicle.

Check after replanting your garden.

Aftercare for your plants is just as important as moving them in the first place. After you have replanted your garden, check your plants daily for the first couple of weeks. Be sure to act quickly if you see any signs of trouble.

For someone who does not love plants and growing things, this may all seem a big strange. But some people invest a great deal of time and money in their gardens and do not wish to part with them completely when they move. Follow the above tips and you will be sparing your plants from a very stressful event and you will also be taking with you to your new home a reminder of your old place. For more advice from one of the best moving companies Los Angeles, follow our blog and explore our site. Our Westlake Village storage company is ready to make your next move easier.   

Moving Day Etiquette: 5 Things to Do Before Professional Movers Arrive

At Russell’s Moving and Storage, our job is to make the task of moving easier on our customers. However, customers can also make the process much easier for our movers by doing a few common sense things before they arrive and while they are there. Here are 5 things you can do before the movers arrive to ensure a safe, smooth, and successful moving day:

  • Have everything packed before they arrive: Our movers can work much faster and more efficiently when you and your family have done all the boxing, labeling, etc., before they arrive. Not doing so will cost you and our movers’ time. It may also cost you extra fees.
  • Make an inventory checklist of everything that you will be moving: In order to keep track of everything you will be moving, you should make a list of the items you will be moving to your new home as well as the condition these items were in prior to the move. This way you will have something to refer to in the event that an item is lost, damaged or even left behind. You may also wish to take photos of expensive items in particular.
  • Ask movers for list of items that they cannot transport: There are certain items that moving companies are not allowed to transport due to the law. These items include but are not limited to flammable items, explosives, firearms, etc.
  • Prepare a place for movers to park: This item is so simple that many customers overlook it but it is vital that our movers have a place to park that is near your home and that is unobstructed by other vehicles, debris, etc. If it is at all within your power to do so, clear an area large enough for our truck to park near your home. moving
  • Hire a babysitter for small children: Small children often like to help their parents when they are performing any number of tasks. However, they can also get in the way during a moving. Indeed, small children can even increase the chance that an accident will occur while your belongings are being transported. Therefore, we suggest that you hire a babysitter on moving day.

We have many more tips on our site that will make moving day not only hassle-free but enjoyable as well. Our Pasadena moving company has storage and delivery service in Los Angeles that is equal to none. Contact us now for a free quote or to ask any questions you may have. 

5 Benefits of Using Short-term Storage

People who find themselves having to place their excess items in storage often have to decide how long they will need to keep their belonged stashed away. This all depends on the circumstances behind the move. For example, someone who is a member of the armed forces and is being deployed overseas may need to store his/her possessions indefinitely. We can handle the long term storage of your items in our climate controlled, completely secure facility. However, some people are uncertain as to how long they will have their items in storage. Others intend to store their items for a short time until they are needed. If you need to store something for a while, you should know that there are many benefits of short-term storage. Let’s see what they are!

  • Short term storage can be cost efficient: Obviously, the less time your items are stored in a facility the less costly it will be. Before, you decide to use our services – or anyone else’s – you should decide your budget.
  • De-cluttering: Less extravagance means fewer complications. Placing your item in storage for a short term gives you the opportunity to decide what is really needed in your new home. It may even lead you to the conclusion that your lifestyle should be scaled down in general.
  • Makes moving easier: The fewer items you have to take with you to your new location, the easier your overall move will be. This means less boxing, carrying and unpacking when you reach your new home.
  • Gives you greater peace of mind: Our facility is climate-controlled and secure. However, many do worry about the items they have in storage. (After all, if they didn’t still care about these things they would donate, sell or throw them away.) Storing your items for the short term helps you feel at ease.
  • Storage allows easy expansion: Storing your items gives you the chance to redesign your new home in a way that is completely different from your old

As we said in the beginning, how long a person chooses to store his/her items depends on a great many factors that are unique to that individual. As a relocation company in Los Angeles, we are capable of storing your items for the short and long term. Even if you are unsure of how long storage will be needed our movers in Burbank can help you. Just contact us to discuss your moving and/or storage needs.   

The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Every time a person moves from one home to another he or she faces a test of organization and persistence. This is because there are so many things to do and to keep track of that it is little wonder that anyone ever pulls off a successful relocation – but they do. This proves that it is possible to move from the location with the right planning and forethought. To help you better prepare your move, we’ve created the ultimate checklist for people who are about to relocate.

  • Have the utilities in your new home turned on: You do not want to move into your new home only to find out that the electricity, phone and gas are not set up yet. How depressing would that be?
  • Take the final meter readings and phone them in: You want to make sure that you have accurate readings of your utilities before you leave and that you turn off all appliances. (You don’t want to be hit with any unexpected bills from your old place once you have settled into your new home.)
  • Inform your bank, mobile phone and other service providers of your new address: Be careful with this one. Not alerting companies who regularly bill you could lead to problems with your accounts.
  • Contact regular contractors: Make sure that your gardener, maid service and other providers know about your move.checklist
  • Have your mail redirected: Not having your mail redirected can cause you to lose valuable correspondence and may breach your privacy as people at your old address will have access to your mail.
  • Check the furniture you’ve left behind: If you do leave furniture, make sure that you have checked to make sure that you have not left anything underneath, in, behind or on top of it.
  • Pack all manuals: You may need them to reassemble furniture or electronics.

Once you have taken care of everything, you will be able to move on to your new house knowing that you’re able to continue your life without fear of disruption, identity theft or the need to bother the residents of your old home. In short, you’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the move itself. Our Westlake Village moving company can help you with your move and can give you additional tips that will make the transition to your new home and lifestyle a breeze. We offer the best moving and storage Los Angeles