Moving Frequently Asked Questions

Inevitably there are going to be a long list of questions that you will think of during the moving process. Moving can be a complicated and stressful time. There are a lot of pieces to consider especially if you have several family members to move and pets as well. Below is a short list of frequently asked moving questions for you to review and help make the moving process a little bit easier. However, if you have any questions the entire Russell’s Moving team is always here to support you. 

  • When it comes to contacting a moving company the earlier the better. This is an extremely busy time in the world of moving as many families have decided to relocate due to the pandemic. With more people than ever working from home indefinitely many families have decided to change their lifestyles. However, a good rule of tmoving boxeshumb is 4-6 weeks prior to your move make sure you have locked in your moving company.
  • When Is The Best Time To Move?
  • If you are able to have a say in the time of year in which you move, the best times to avoid are: summer, end of the month, and the holiday’s. During the holiday’s most moving companies are short-staffed. During the end of the month and summer moving companies tend to be overbooked. 
  • Do I Need An Estimate? 
  • Yes, you need an estimate. One of our trained Russell’s team members will come to your home and provide an accurate estimate quickly and efficiently. This is the only way to ensure we accurately estimate the best way to move all of your items by seeing it in person.
  • My Move Dates Changed Outside My Control, What Now?
  • This is extremely common in the world of moving. Please just give us a call the soonest you know your dates have changed and we will accommodate your move.

As a premiere full service moving Los Angeles company, we look forward to helping make your move as easy as possible! Let us know if you need any special accommodations. 

4 Serious Mistakes People Make When Moving Themselves

As one of the moving boxes has to offer we have seen and heard it all! We understand that everyone is on a budget and sometimes it can seem like a good idea to try and move everything yourself. However, in the long-term this usually ends up taking longer and items get broken. Not to mention the amount of time and stress you have placed on yourself. Below are a few of the common mistakes people make when trying to take on the impossible themselves.

  1. Not getting enough supplies: Trying to skimp on the supplies in the beginning is a common mistake! Many homeowners buy the bare minimums and try to make it work only to end up back at the store 3-4 or more times! 
  2. Not packing properly: Coupled with not getting enough supplies is not packing properly. If you don’t have the correct supplies you will never be able to properly pack your belongings. This can lead to unfortunate damages.
  3. Not labeling: Forgetting to label your boxes can be extremely frustrating. You end up with dozens of boxes and have no idea where they belong without opening them all up and unpacking in the incorrect rooms.
  4. Wrong size truck: Renting the wrong size truck can be extremely frustrating particularly if you have rented much too small for your size home. People often have many more belongings than they realize and underestimate the size truck that they will need. This leads to quite the dilemma the day of the move.

To avoid all of these problems all you have to do is hire one of best moving companies Los Angeles has to offer. Here at Russell’s, we have the capability to support you every step of your move and are happy to make last minute adjustments. We understand moving is a fluid operation and we can accommodate all of your needs.

Packaging Up Your Wine

Do you have a valuable wine collection that you are hoping to transport to your new home? As well established, movers in Burbank, our team is very familiar with the many precautions that you will want to take before uprooting your precious bottles. The first step will be to decide which bottles are worth packing up and taking with you and which bottles you should enjoy before the big move. If you have truly valuable bottles, taking a complete inventory list might not be a bad idea. Once you have decided which bottles will be making the journey with you, follow the steps below to ensure they arrive safely.

  • Wrap Individually: Make sure to individually wrap each bottle so that they do not hit each other and cause one another to break.
  • Wine Specialty Boxes: Wine specialty boxes exist in a variety of materials. You will want to consider the length and complexity of your move when determining how sturdy of a box you want to purchase. The more sturdy the material, the more expensive the material is. However, cardboard casing exists at an affordable rate and should be sufficient for most moves. 
  • Pack on Sides: Make sure you pack all of your wines on their sides as this helps to keep the corks wet. Keeping the cork wet helps to prevent oxidation and spoilage.
  • Avoid Opening: Avoid opening any of your recently transported bottles for at least 7 days. Transportations of almost any kind can cause bottle shock and the wine will lose its flavor. 
  • Open Bottles: Open bottles cannot be transported and should be enjoyed prior to your move. 

If you need assistance with experienced movers in Burbank, the Russell’s team is here to support you every step of the way. We look forward to helping make your move as easy as possible.

Meeting Your New Neighbors

At Russell’s we are here to support all of your Calabasas Moving and Storage needs. Once we have unloaded all of your belongings and after all the dust has settled after your move it is nice to become acquainted with your new neighborhood. This involves meeting all your new neighbors and finding some new friends. This is particularly nice if you have kids for them to meet other kids to play with in the neighborhood. However, even if you do not have kids it is very nice to get to know who will be living around you for the sake of community, friendliness and safety. Below are a few ways to help become acquainted with your new neighbors to make friendships that will last for years to come.

  1. Kind Gesture: While it can be customary for neighbors to drop off homemade goods for the newest member of the neighborhood, if they don’t there is no reason why you can’t do it yourself! Drop by your new neighbors house with some freshly baked cookies and say hello! It is a nice icebreaker to have something in hand to make your first meeting a little bit easier. 
  2. Throw A Housewarming Party: Send out an invite to the neighborhood for a small get together. This is a great way to start building fun memories in your new home. 
  3. Community Events: Many communities have a centralized center such as an HOA that will organize ongoing events. Involve yourself or offer to volunteer for the next event. This is an excellent way to meet new people and feel involved in your new neighborhood. 

If you find yourself needing help with Calabasas Moving and Storage, Russell and the team are here to support you every step of the way. We hope that you truly enjoy your new home and make wonderful new family memories. If we can help make your move a little bit easier please do not hesitate to reach out to us at any time.

Organizing Your New Garage

Your garage is an easy catchall for your boxes and miscellaneous items as you move into your new home. Many people will leave boxes in the garage untouched for years after moving in. As a premiere Pasadena moving and storage company, we encourage our clients to utilize their space well from day one. By starting early on you are more likely to toss things you no longer need and finally unpack all the boxes. Below are a few steps to help you get started in organizing your new garage.

  1. Unpack Everything: Unpacking all the boxes allows you to see what you have. You should start piles of toss, keep, and sell. Hopefully you have done this prior to moving but many people still move with an abundance of items that they no loner need once they arrive. 
  2. Categorize: Once you have your items in your “keep” pile you need to categorize them. Place all like items together. 
  3. Containers: Now that you see which items you actually intend on keeping and how many categories you have, you are able to purchase appropriate storage containers. Purchasing all “like” containers allows you to beautify and simplify your space. Be sure to label all yohouseur new containers so that when you go to put these items away again you know exactly where they belong. This allows you to keep a system in place that actually functions.
  4. Utilize Wall Hooks And Vertical Space: If you are limited on storage space in your garage consider looking up! Roof racks and wall hooks are a great way to store items.

Russell’s Moving is here to support all of your Pasadena moving and storage company needs. We always offer complimentary consultations and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. We look forward to make your next move as easy as possible!

Packing Up Your Fridge


A fridge is a large investment. You have put a lot of time and energy into selecting the right fridge for your home and you do not want to leave it behind when you move. You are not alone in feeling this way. Many homeowners feel frustrated in their decisions to leave behind large items such as appliances. However, here at Russell’s Moving and Storage we are well versed in moving large items such as a fridge of any size. As your premiere Thousand Oaks moving and storage company, below are a few tips to help get your fridge ready for a big move. 

  1. Empty everything out: Getting rid of everything in your fridge as early as possible is a great first step. If you are able to live without, use a different fridge or a cooler temporarily this is a great option. Emptying out the fridge allows you to de-clutter and purge but it also allows you to clean the entire fridge. You want to make sure that your fridge is very clean prior to moving so that smells do not grow after it has been unplugged. 
  2. Defrost: Depending on the type of fridge/freezer combo that you have, some will need to be defrosted prior to moving. So that water does not leak everywhere you will want to defrost several days before moving.
  3. Upright position: It is important to always keep your fridge in an upright position to prevent anypackingdamage. Our professional team will always keep your fridge upright but if you do any shifting yourself prior to our arrival please remember to keep it upright!

As a top rated Thousand Oaks moving and storage company we always provide complimentary consultations. We will come to your home and evaluate your inventory and discuss any specific needs that you may have regarding your move. If you have any questions at that time regarding your fridge, other large appliances, or any questions in general we would be happy to help. We look forward to helping make your move as easy as possible.