DIY Projects

As your local Calabasas moving and storage company we recommend completing as
many of your DIY projects as you can prior to moving in. If you are able to stay with friends and
family prior to moving into your new home, we highly recommend completing any of your
major DIY projects prior to moving in your family and all of your belongings. See below for some
of the biggest recommendations of things to complete prior to moving into your new home.
 Painting: Paint can be a real hassle to work around sleep schedules as well as furniture.
Particularly if you have young children or family members with any health concerns you
don’t need them exposed to paint fumes. Having your painting projects dry and air out
prior to moving in is ideal.
 Flooring: If you plan to replace the floor in your new home it is ideal to do so prior to
moving in your furniture. If you wait until after you move in you will have to relocate allmoving
of your belongings in order to replace the flooring.
 Cleaning: If your new home is in need of a deep clean it is ideal to do so prior to move in
day. If you are able to complete your deep clean prior to moving then you will have a
much easier time moving in. Moving into a clean home makes the process very simple
as you can immediately put everything away.
 Closet Storage: Putting in closet storage is difficult to do after moving in all of your
belongings. In order for installation to take place you will have to remove all of your
items. Instead of moving in and then back out again it makes sense to install your dream
closet prior to move in day.
 Fencing: If you are in need of a new fence or fence repair work you should work on
completing so prior to moving in. If you have animals it can be difficult to complete
these types of projects after moving them in.