Moving Throughout the Seasons

As your local Beverly Hills moving company, we have seen it all when it comes to
moving during various parts of the year. There are certainly pros and cons to moving during
various parts of the year. Each season has its benefits and drawbacks. See below for some of
the positive benefits to moving during various season throughout the year.
 Fall: Fall has great weather for moving. The greatest benefit to moving in the fall is that
you will be settled before the holidays. You will likely have an easier time buying during
the fall as it is not the peak season for competition.
 Winter: Winter months have the cheapest housing market since it has the least amount
of competition. Moving rates are also typically at their least expensive during the winter
and movers tend to have an increased amount of availability. This can work to buyers
and sellers’ advantage when needing a last-minute move.
 Spring: Spring has perfect weather for moving and it is not yet the busy season. This is
the last chance of the year to take advantage of any deals before the busy season.
 Summer: Summer is the peak demand for buying and selling a home. This is a great time
to sell as there is the greatest demand that there will be all year long. For families it is
movingalso a break off of school so it can be an easier transition.
If you have any questions about your specific situation we are always here to help. As your
local Beverly Hills moving company, we are happy to answer any and all concerns that you may