Packing Up

As your local Los Angeles moving and storage provider, we’re always looking for the
most efficient ways to pack up household items. Every move always ends up housing more
belongings than you ever realize. It is best to start early and often. The minute to find out that
you are certainly moving it is best to start packing up your items that you use infrequently.
These can be entertaining platters or holiday décor items that you simply won’t need prior to
your move. See below for a few tips from your professional Los Angeles moving and storage
home on the best ways to pack everything up.
 Utilize clothing: After you have gone through all of your clothing and decided what is
coming with you, you should start packing up the items that you do not wear every day.
You can utilize some of your clothing to help pack up breakable items. Things like lamps
or plates can all be wrapped in clothing items. Clothing and blankets can also be used as
extra padding on the bottom and sides of boxes.
 Label: You will thank yourself later with how well you label the outside of your packing
boxes. Even if you think you will remember what is in certain boxes the chances are
good that you will not. There are simply too many things going on and your brain will
likely forget all the small details.
 Keep hardware together: If you are disassembling furniture yourself, we recommend
keeping all hardware close by. If possible, put everything in a bag and tape it to the
furniture itself. Keep directions handy as well if you have them.
 Use hangers: Hangers are an excellent space filler. If you have empty space in a box and
you need something to fill it so that items will not shift around, we recommend hangers.
Hangers weigh very little so they will not add significant weight to your box.moving