Fixer Upper

As your trusted Thousand Oaks moving and storage provider, we see many of our
wonderful customers purchasing homes that need a bit of an overhaul. If possible, it is much
more convenient for you to complete some of these larger renovations prior to moving in. If
you are considering purchasing or in the process of purchasing a home that will need a little
extra love, we highly recommend completing the following prior to moving in.
 Change the locks: First things first is the importance of safety. Whether or not you will
be moving in right away it is important that you change all the exterior locks to the
home. You never know who may have a key to the old locks and it is best just to replace.
 Remove popcorn ceilings: If you are purchasing an older home there is a chance that
one or more rooms still has popcorn ceilings. This is a harder task to complete once you
have moved in all of your belongings and can actually pose a potential health hazard.
Try to complete this prior to moving into your home.
 Paint Interior: Painting inside is clearly a better choice to complete prior to moving in
furniture. If you have to wait until after you move in, you will need to move around all of
your belongings to reach all the walls. It is also unwise to smell paint fumes for extended
periods of time. Try to complete all interior paint projects prior to move day.
 Closet Storage: Having custom closests built in are a wonderful luxurious feature.
However, once you have all of your belongings inside of the closet it makes it much
more difficult to build. If possible, try to design and install your custom closets prior to
moving in any clothing, etc. As your Thousand Oaks moving and storage provider, we
can’t encourage this enough.

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