Tips for Preparing your Vehicle for the Big Move

The process of moving can place a huge strain on you, your family and even your pets as you rush around trying to make sure that you remember to do all that needs to be done. However, moving can also be stressful for another member of your family – your car. It is important to make sure that your car is an asset on this important day and not a hindrance. These tips will help you prepare your car for moving day so that you can avoid problems that might complicate your relocation.

·         Check your engine oil: Many engine problems can arise due to lack of oil or bad oil. Check your oil level to be sure that your dipstick is close to or at “FULL.” Also, make sure that your oil is not too dark. Finally, if your oil change is due soon, make sure that you have it changed before you start out on the road.

·         Inspect your windshield wipers: It is important remember this all too often neglected part of every car. Check to see if you have enough wiper fluid and if your wiper blades are cracked or frayed. If they are, change them right away.

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated: Not only is driving on underinflated tires wasteful in terms of gasoline, it is also dangerous. The morning before moving out, take a tire gauge and check the pressure in all four tires. If they are low, inflate them according to the pressure rating on your tires.
  • Check your battery: The last thing you need on your big moving day, or any day for that matter, is for your car to stall in the middle of the road or highway. You can decrease the chances of this happening by checking your battery before you start off. Check to see if there are any acid leaks, cracks or other damage to your battery. If so, have the battery changed immediately. Also, change the battery if you know that it is 4-5 years old. moving
  • Check the air conditioning: You do not want your air conditioning going out on a steamy drive to you new locale. To avoid this, check to be sure that your air conditioner is fully functional.

There you have it. Once you (and your mechanic) make sure that your car is in tip top shape, you will have one less thing to worry about on moving day. Our Calabasas moving and storage company makes sure you will have no worries concerning your other possessions. For full service moving in Los Angeles, we are the best at carefully transporting your life’s possessions and storing them when the need arises.