Ways to Make your Home “Smart”

Homeowner interest in living a life ala George Jetson has risen considerably over the past several years. In fact, you can hardly go to any store or browse social media at all without seeing a reference to technologies that make apartment or home living more convenient, productive and let’s face it – fun! But perhaps you’ve sat back in befuddled amusement at the prospect of turning your new house into a smart home. To help clear up your confusion here are some basic ways to smarten up your home.

  • Rig a whole room with smart lights: Baby steps are sometimes necessary before starting out on the road to wising up one’s abode. Smart lighting can save you money by only coming on when you desire. They can also make your home more secure by integrating into it motion detecting technology.
  • Wi-Fi Video Doorbell: Smart video doorbells feature a video camera, motion sensors and a microphone that allow you to see all visitors as they come to your home. Using a Wi-Fi connection you can even view these visitors while you are not at home.
  • Smart Sprinkler Controller: Smart sprinkler systems can save you money by allowing you to control your watering schedule whether you are at home or not. In fact, these systems have been known to reduce users’ water usage by as much as 30%.
  • Smart thermostat: Smart thermostats allow you to set a time for the heat in your home to come on. You can even adjust them to turn on the heat in particular rooms in your home. By some estimates they are said to save users as much as 23% on their heating bill.
  • Home Automation kit: You can also choose to simplify matters by buying a “kit” that contains several smart home devices in one that you can then install yourself.smart thermostat

As you can see, there are many options for those of you out there who are considering automating their home thus joining the ranks of other George and Jane Jetsons. You can dip your toe in the pool and get just a few of the above devices or you can plunge in all the way and get several. Either way our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company is here to help you make the transition to your new home and to store your possessions when needed. Our moving company in Agoura Hills will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.