Items that Should Always be Placed in Climate Controlled Storage

Storage facilities can be life savers for people who have many items but not enough space to store them all efficiently. However, one important thing to remember about these facilities is that they are not all created the same. Some are a little more than small units that can quickly overheat leaving your valuable furnishings susceptible to temperature fluctuations and humidity. On the other hand, our facility is climate controlled. We are experts in helping to preserve your belongings until you need them. This is why we suggest that you check out our list of common possessions that benefit from climate controlled storage.

  • Wooden furniture: Wood furnishings such as bed frames, tables and chairs, end tables, nightstands, dressers, entertainment centers, etc. can easily be cracked, warped and otherwise damaged by high humidity environments as well as by heat. If you cherish your valuable belongings you will be careful about placing them in storage before finding out whether or not the facility has adequate climate controls in place.
  • Leather furniture: Leather items can also be easily damaged by temperature and humidity extremes. For example, without the proper humidity controls in place leather can become discolored and mildew can begin to rear its ugly head. Since items made from this fabric tend to be expensive as well, we recommend placing them in storage in our huge, climate-controlled facility.
  • Paper items: Newspapers, documents, comics and other items made of paper can be damaged by excessive moisture. Moreover, the damage that moisture and humidity can cause to these kinds of items is often irreversible. If you have valuable items in the above categories, you should definitely take care when storing them for the long term.leather couch
  • Musical instruments: Temperature controls are a must for certain kinds of musical instruments that are both vulnerable to temperature extremes and expensive to replace. For example, stringed instruments – including the piano – can be damaged by humidity and moisture. Brass instruments can become covered with bacteria and begin to corrode if not stored in a low humidity environment such as the one we provide at our Pasadena moving company.
  • Clothing: Excessive moisture and humidity can cause mildew and mold to form on clothing. Before storing your articles of clothing with us you should clean them first and wrap them in plastic. We will provide the low humidity and moderate temperature they need to be protected from the elements.

These are just some of the items that really should be stored in a climate-controlled facility like ours. Others items include:


  • Photographs
  • Wine
  • Books
  • Anything made of lace
  • Antiques (especially antique furniture)
  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Medications
  • Sports Equipment
  • Makeup

Agree? Disagree? Think we missed something major? Let us know in the comments. For full service moving in Los Angeles we offer unparalleled, quality service.