5 Benefits of De-cluttering Before you Move

Most people tend to get very sentimental when preparing to move. This is because moving is a time when we must make some tough decisions about what to take with us, what to store and what to scrap. Yet, this need not be a sad occasion. De-cluttering before you move should be looked at as a positive thing. It should be seen as a chance to streamline your life and possessions. If you are getting ready to move and are thinking of paring down before you do, here are some distinct benefits of de-cluttering your home.

  • It saves money: Instead of thinking of de-cluttering as getting rid of items you may need later, think of it instead as an opportunity to save on packing, transportation and unpacking. Transporting fewer belongings means that you will pay less particularly if you are planning to move a considerable distance away from your present home.
  • You can make money: You can make a nice sum of money by selling off items that you no longer want but that others may. This extra money can come in handy when defraying the cost of moving.
  • It saves time: Time becomes somewhat of a precious commodity when moving. By having fewer items to take with you on your move you will save on packing and our professionals will be able to save time moving the items you have decided to keep.declutter
  • You’ll have more room for the items you do need: You will have more room to put new items that you have always wanted to purchase in the place of old items you have discarded.
  • It makes your move better organized: By getting rid of unneeded items you are able to keep track of the items that you have decided are essential. This will help you organize your move and help it to go more efficiently.

In short, de-cluttering is a part of every efficient and cost effective move. For the items that you do not sell or throw away we have storage in Agoura Hills in our massive, climate controlled facility. Your precious items will be safe here just as the possessions you do decide to move are safe while they are being transported by our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles.