Ways to Stay Cool During Your Summer Move

With less than a month away from the start of summer, we are also approaching the peak time for moving. In fact, according to some studies, an estimated 80 percent of moves take place between April and September. Unfortunately, this peak time for moving also means that many people will also be exposed to the sweltering temperatures of the season. To help you out, we’ve included tips for moving in this summer’s heat. So, stay cool and read on!

  • Move larger items in the early morning: Try to schedule your move before noon if it at all possible. Typically, the sun and its UV rays are at their strongest from the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m so moving between those times is not advised. Try to arrange this with your Los Angeles moving and storage company so that your move will go smoother. The smoother your move goes the less time you and your family will be exposed to the heat.
  • Bring plenty of bottled water with your: Staying hydrated during the summer months is always a necessity. However, during a move it is particularly important to avoid dehydration. Lifting boxes, and walking back and forward are bound to cause you to lose fluids. Make sure to bring a cooler full of bottled water for your family in order to replenish those fluids. You may also wish to offer water to your movers as they get thirsty too.
  • Apply sunscreen: Protect yourself against the sun’s UV rays by applying a waterproof sunscreen to your face, neck, ears, shoulders, arms, hands, feet and legs at least 15 minutes before you head out the door. Also, be sure that the sunscreen that you and your family use has an SPF of at 30. Finally, don’t forget to reapply it as needed.sunscreen
  • Turn the air conditioning on at both moving locations: Make sure to turn on the air conditioning in your old home and your new home and that you keep the doors closed when they do not need to be open. This will help you reduce your energy bill while giving you some relief from the heat as you move back and forward throughout both homes.
  • Wear the right type of clothing: Wear loose, lightweight, breathable fabrics and avoid dark, heavy clothing in order to minimize the effects of the heat.

There you have it. These are just a few recommendations from our relocation company in Los Angeles to protect you during this peak moving time. Remember, that a fast, efficient move decreases the time you will be exposed to the heat and helps you to settle into your new home faster. Russell’s Moving and Storage can help make your move seamless and better organized.