7 Things to do before Movers Arrive

Whether it’s your first time moving or not you may have heard horror stories about the experience. You’ve probably heard about how items go missing, get damaged and a whole plethora of problems that add to the challenge that relocating can be. Well, the lesson to be learned from many of these stories is that preparation could have prevented a lot of moving day headaches. With that said, here are the most important things to do before our movers arrive to ensure a safe, smooth, and successful moving day.

  • Get insurance: Choose an appropriate insurance plan and make sure that you understand all the specific conditions contained therein. This will be especially important if you are moving a valuable collection of any kind.
  • Create an inventory: Make a list of the things you own in the event something is lost or damaged. In that event, you may need to file a claim. It is also a good idea to keep serial numbers of appliances, etc. as well as the warranties that came with them.
  • Label everything: We know that labeling boxes can be tedious but it is among the most important thing you can do to protect your possessions and to stay well organized. Additionally, labeling items saves you time and effort once you have reached your destination and it helps our movers.
  • Plan for pets and kids: Consider leaving small kids and/or with relatives of friends until it is actually time to head out on the road. They can unknowingly create tension and chaos for you and our movers.
  • Take photographs of the things you are going to move: Not only will pictures come in handy in the event that you have to file an insurance claim, they will also come in handy when it comes to reassembling some of your possessions. For example, certain electronic devices can be complicated to reassemble. By taking a picture of such items, you will have a clear image of how the device should look when it has been reassembled.
  • Ensure a safe and easy way out of your home: Be sure that the way is clear for movers to come in and out of your home and that there are no hazards present. Even small objects can get in the way of movers when they are busy carrying items out to their truck.
  • Clear the street near your home: Be sure that there is a clear place for the movers to park their vehicle (s). This will help to expedite the entire moving process.moving boxes

In short, the best way to help our relocation company in Los Angeles is to make the process as easy and seamless as possible. You can do so by doing the above things before they arrive. We have one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles and can make sure that your moving experience does not become a nightmare.