7 Steps for Preparing Your Business for Relocation

The key to any seamless relocation is proper planning and preparation. However, office revocations are even more difficult than residential moves. One thing that makes them harder is the fact that businesses must seamlessly continue to operate during the transition. With this in mind, we have created this office relocation checklist to get you prepared for moving day.

  • Schedule Russell’s Moving and Storage to handle your move: Our relocation company in Los Angeles can make your move as stress free as possible. By hiring us, you will have one less thing to worry about.


  • Develop a timeline: Set goals as to when certain move related actions should be accomplished. Next, write down these events in your business calendar and make sure that all of your employees are on the same page. Finally, you should factor in when your lease will expire, when suppliers have to be informed, etc.
  • Create an inventory list: Prior to moving create a list of the assets that are to be moved in case they are lost or damaged. Be sure to retain a hard copy for business records.
  • Visit the new space: Make sure that your new location fully meets your company’s needs. Ask yourself if the parking is ample, if your employees can commute easily to the new location, etc. Finally, scrutinize the layout for any potential difficulties, such as whether or not the reception area or lobby is wide enough for all your business furnishings.
  • Notify your clients: Weeks before you move be sure to notify your clients of your relocation. Take this time to let them know that you will try to make sure that the business flow will not be interrupted.
  • Discard unnecessary items: Before relocating, get rid of the office clutter that will have no functional use in the new office. This includes unusable furniture, old desks and chairs, broken shelving, etc. Consider selling or donating these items. Finally, securely delete private files when applicable. 
  • Contact service providers: Contact electricity, gas, phone, or waste management and inform them of the move so that they can set up any necessary connection, installation, or disconnection of service.

Russell’s Moving and Storage is prepared with convenient relocation services that take the hassle out of moving. We employ licensed and trained movers who undergo a thorough background check. Our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company is one of the best relocation companies in the state.

Storage Tips: How to Store Antique Furniture

To ensure the precious antiques that you have retain their value, they need to be stored properly. They need to be stored with greater care than you would give to contemporary items. That is because antiques are often old and fragile and susceptible to damage/devaluation. Keep your valuable treasures protected with these storage tips from Russell’s Moving and Storage:

Find a secure storage facility

The first step to storing your antiques is to find the right storage facility. The storage facility you choose should use security measures such as cameras, fencing, electronic gate access, alarmed storage units, etc. In other words, the owners of the storage facility you are considering should have all the tools necessary to protect your valuable artwork, antique furniture, family heirlooms, etc.

Use a climate-controlled storage facility

Extreme heat and cold can wreak havoc on antique items. Storage facilities with climate controls protect your antiques and art from damaging temperatures. Our relocation company keeps temperatures between 55 and 80 degrees at all times to provide peace of mind and year-round protection.

Use extra packing 

Use all the wrapping you would with contemporary items and then add more when packing wrapping items. Protect them by wrapping them in bubble wrap, towels and any other soft materials that will help lessen the shock of a fall. Additionally, mark your antiques “fragile.” Here are some quick packing tips for packing antiques: 

  • Create an inventory list
  • Spray wooden furniture with high-quality furniture polish 
  • Wrap mirrors, paintings, and other artwork in protective coverings with felt pieces on sharp edges
  • Use storage and moving boxes specifically designed for mirrors and large artwork
  • Use furniture sheets to protect upholstered antiques
  • Do NOT stack antique furniture

Check your insurance policy 

If you have antiques and artwork chances are you have a special policy to protect them in case of loss, theft or damage. Make sure that you check this policy before moving or storing such items.

Check up on your antique furniture: 

Check your unit frequently to make sure that your items are okay. This way you will be able to quickly address any damage that may have occurred.

If you do not have a location to store your antique furniture that will keep it free from fluctuations in temperature or humidity, consider storage in Agoura Hills at our climate controlled storage unit. A climate controlled storage facility will maintain a range of temperature ideal for the storage of sensitive items. We have storage units that range in a number of sizes as well. So, whether you’re storing an antique clock or your grandma’s antique couch, we’ve got you covered. 

How to Get Over the Fear of Moving

The fear of relocating is a real and devastating problem for some people. Further, this anxiety over moving goes beyond the fear of contracting COVID19 while moving. As hard as it might be to believe, there are tens of thousands of people who suffer from the fear of moving, or tropophobia. Indeed, it is a very real, diagnosable disorder that left unchecked can have devastating on a person.

For those who have never experienced any type of moving anxiety it might be hard to understand exactly how debilitating this disorder can be. For those of us who have been even slightly anxious about moving to a new location – and that includes most of us – it is easier to understand how a disorder such as tropophobia can be so debilitating. Some people live in the same state, the same town, even the same house their entire life and never think about or have the need to even consider moving to a new location. That is fine. But some of us are trapped in the same house, the same town, the same state, for years or even a lifetime because of this fear.

Trying to explain the thoughts and feelings of those who suffer from this condition is very difficult for many people to understand and suffering from tropophobia can sometimes result in the loss of job opportunities or advancements or even loss of a career. The first step to overcoming this disorder is detecting it which is not always easy. Many people experience some degree of anxiety when they are about to move especially during these times.

However, tropophobia can be treated; it can be overcome. One way to overcome this fear is to choose a home that is as close to your old home as possible in design, layout, etc. A second way to overcome this fear is to hang your favorite pictures and photos on the walls, put your most treasured pieces of art, decorations, collectibles, and other cherished possessions in visible places and to surround yourself with beloved items.moving

You can begin the process of making the transition to another location less stressful by using our designer’s delivery service in Los Angeles. We can expertly handle your most treasured possessions giving you what most people do not have on moving day – peace of mind. For storage in Agoura Hills or moving needs, we say that moving day does not have to be stressful.

5 Worst Case Moving Scenarios

There’s an old saying that “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” Well, for people who have ever moved from one home to another – and that is nearly all of us at some point – that is sometimes true. However, there are certain experiences that go beyond mere inconveniences and can make moving day one of the worst times of a person’s life. Here are several worst-case scenarios that will remind you to put more effort into organizing your own relocation the right way preferably with the help of professionals.

  • Parking issues: Ideally, you should make sure that the movers you hire are as close to your home as is both legally allowable and practical. Not doing so has cost people time on their move as well as money. The takeaway from this is to make every effort to clear the area around your home of cars or other obstacles and to expect that extra charges may incur if movers have to spend more time and effort then they should have to.
  • Furniture does not fit through doors: Always measure larger objects to determine if they will be able to clear your doors. This will prevent you from having to pay for items that will not able to be transported to your new location. If you have an item that is very large, one of the following options may help: (a) disassemble it if you can (b) remove the door itself, (c) use a rigging system.
  • Moving truck issues: It is vitally important for you to book the right sized truck for your move. If you do not, you may end up paying more than you have to or there will not have enough room to transport all your goods. This occurs sometimes when customers do not take the time to confer with the moving company before moving. Our relocation company in Los Angeles will work with you to determine the right truck(s) for your needs so that you do not encounter any unwanted surprises on moving day.
  • Forgetting the keys: Imagine showing up at your new home ready to move in only to discover that you have forgotten the keys! You can avoid this situation that actually has happened to some people by creating a checklist of the things you will need at your need home. Your keys should be at the top of the list. Keep the list in your wallet or purse since most people keep these items on them at all times.moving box
  • No elevator: Taking a few belongings up a few flights of stairs can actually be more of a nightmare than most think. It can lead to injury and damage to your valuables. You can avoid this scenario by paying movers to do the job. This will save stress and strain on your back and legs as well as save you time.

What else can go wrong during a move? There are plenty of things. However, our Pasadena moving company can help you avoid experiencing many nightmare scenarios. Our staff is courteous, respectful and highly trained. They can make your move seamless, safe and calamity free.

5 Things to know Before Renting a House

There has long been a debate over whether it is wiser to buy or rent a home. Our purpose is not to add to this debate, but to help you prepare for doing the latter if this works best for you. Here are five things you need to know before signing any residential rental lease.

  • Learn the fair market rent (FMR): This is the gross amount of rent that you can expect to pay including utilities but excluding your telephone bill. You can learn this by using a site like RentData.org and plugging in the zip code for the area in which you are interested. If the rental cost for the property you interested in seems much higher than the average, then you may wish to continue shopping or use this data as a bargaining tool to talk down the price.
  • Negotiate lease terms: Many people who rent never bother to negotiate their lease. They assume that it is written in stone. Often, tenants do have the power to negotiate things such as the move in date, etc.
  • Check to see who will be responsible for utility costs: Rented homes may sometimes include all or some utilities. It is vital that you know how much if any of your utilities will be covered by your landlord. You may also have to set up your own utility account. If you will be paying for your own utilities you can usually call the utility company and get an average utility bill for a nearby home.
  • Do you need a guaranteer?: Your landlord will most definitely require you to undergo a background check to see if you are credit worthy and can meet this new financial obligation. If your credit is bad, however, it may not disqualify you for the home. You may instead need a guaranteer. A guaranteer agrees to be responsible if you can’t pay the bills.
  • What’s the lease term: Don’t assume it to be 12 months as many residential leases are. Find out specifically how long the term of your lease is. If you have a month-to-month lease’ you will have greater flexibility than with a traditional 12 month lease but it will also mean that your landlord will have the power to evict you at the end of each month. If you are confident that you wish to stay in the home even longer you may decide to ask for a multi-year lease.

There are many other things to know such as who is responsible for maintenance and repairs, whether or not you can sublet, if renter’s insurance is required etc. However the above list is a good starting part for preparing to rent a home. As movers in Burbank our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company can help you when it is time to move whether you are renting or buying a home.   

Moving Tips for Recent College Grads

One of the most exciting and stress producing times a family can face is when a recent graduate moves out of his or her dorm and returns home. Fortunately, there are a number of ways college students can save money and be efficient in packing, unpacking, and preparing to move back home.

  • Notify your parents: Make sure that your parents know when you will be moving back in so that they can prepare for your arrival. If they cannot be there to help you pack, they will still need to be there to let you in and to make room for your possessions.
  • Respect your parents’ house rules: Even if you plan to get a job and help out with the rent/mortgage when you move back in, you will still need to respect the rules of the house. If you have a talk prior to moving in and agree to this and to speak with each other as adults then the return will be much easier.
  • De-clutter as you go: Moving is always the perfect time to get rid of things that you no longer need. Take some time before you move to either sell or donate the things you will not be taking back home with you. You might also considering using our relocation company in Los Angeles to store items that you do not wish to sell or donate but that you do wish to keep.
  • Pack early and often: You can spare yourself a lot of trouble by packing as early as possible. This way when it is finally time to leave the campus, you will have a less stressful time of it.
  • Hire a moving company: The right moving company will also help eliminate some of the stress that comes with moving. We have full service moving in Los Angeles that also includes storage at our secure, climate-controlled facilities.

At Russell’s Moving and Storage, we understand how important it is to get your things where they need to go, on time and in perfect condition. We will make the transition back home easier and less stressful. We also have a climate-controlled storage building for keeping your items safe until you need them delivered. Call your parents first before you move back in then call us to schedule your move!