7 Steps for Preparing Your Business for Relocation

The key to any seamless relocation is proper planning and preparation. However, office revocations are even more difficult than residential moves. One thing that makes them harder is the fact that businesses must seamlessly continue to operate during the transition. With this in mind, we have created this office relocation checklist to get you prepared for moving day.

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  • Develop a timeline: Set goals as to when certain move related actions should be accomplished. Next, write down these events in your business calendar and make sure that all of your employees are on the same page. Finally, you should factor in when your lease will expire, when suppliers have to be informed, etc.
  • Create an inventory list: Prior to moving create a list of the assets that are to be moved in case they are lost or damaged. Be sure to retain a hard copy for business records.
  • Visit the new space: Make sure that your new location fully meets your company’s needs. Ask yourself if the parking is ample, if your employees can commute easily to the new location, etc. Finally, scrutinize the layout for any potential difficulties, such as whether or not the reception area or lobby is wide enough for all your business furnishings.
  • Notify your clients: Weeks before you move be sure to notify your clients of your relocation. Take this time to let them know that you will try to make sure that the business flow will not be interrupted.
  • Discard unnecessary items: Before relocating, get rid of the office clutter that will have no functional use in the new office. This includes unusable furniture, old desks and chairs, broken shelving, etc. Consider selling or donating these items. Finally, securely delete private files when applicable. 
  • Contact service providers: Contact electricity, gas, phone, or waste management and inform them of the move so that they can set up any necessary connection, installation, or disconnection of service.

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