5 Signs that you may Have a Hoarding Problem

If there is one thing that moving shows most of us it is how much stuff we really own and how much of it can be gotten rid of. For this we have suggested in the past either selling these excess items, giving them away or placing them in storage. But what are some warning signs that you may be more than just a pack rat and that you may be a hoarder instead? Here are five warning signs that you may have a burgeoning hoarding problem.

  • Parts of your home are becoming inaccessible: Are parts of your home inaccessible because you have too many objects stored in them? Hoarders typically have so much clutter around their homes that the only pathways that exist for them throughout the home are those enabling them to get from one room to the next. 
  • There is at least one room that cannot be used: Many hoarders designate one specific room or even several rooms as places to store their extra items. Sometimes, it even becomes so bad that entry into these rooms becomes difficult. 
  • There’s so much stuff that you don’t want to have visitors over: Despite the fact that hoarders get a sort of rush out of buying and placing items into their home, they often feel a need to keep these things secret from friends. Often, this is because they do not wish to admit that they cannot rid themselves of these extra items.
  • You or a loved one is in debt because of compulsive shopping: Oftentimes, hoarders go into debt because they spend more on acquiring new items than they earn. Friends who do hoard may even tell you that it is good to have extra presents on hand for unexpected guests or for last minute celebrations. 
  • You or a loved one has trouble finding things: People who hoard often have trouble finding common items around their home. Because of this, they sometimes keep many odd items near them so that they are easy to find among the clutter they have created.

If you believe you or a loved one has a hoarding problem, then the help of a professional may be needed. In the meantime, our storage and delivery service Los Angeles can help ease some of the stress that hoarding creates. We are expert movers in Burbank who have years of experience moving people and safely storing their belongings.