Moving In: The First Few Days

The first few days in your new house will feel just as if you’re still packing – just you’ll be unpacking and making a mess. Therefore, it’s unrealistic to even try to consider being organized and unpacked within one day, unless you have very few belongings. Thus, you should try to unpack in the order you packed, or as close to it as possible – placing boxes in or near the room you’re planning to unpack. This will make things much easier especially if you have many belongings. 

Just as it is perfectly acceptable to keep some things packed in the first few days – if you’ve moved to a new area, you may want to (or need to) explore and familiarize yourself with any public transportation, local facilities, or shops in the area. You’ll need to go out and buy at least the basics – saving the ‘big shop’ until you’ve unpacked your kitchen. You’ll probably unpack that and your living room, and if you’re not taking time off from work, your home office first. Generally, unpacking takes place over six to twelve weeks, depending on the size your family. You may find that you have to permanently store items in a garage, basement, attic or in a Thousand Oaks moving and storage company like Russell’s. We can house your “overflow” in our massive, climate-controlled facility. 

As for your utilities – most of them should be on and connected shortly before your move – but you may find that your Internet and phone, cable or satellite may take several weeks to be reconnected. In these cases, you should make the most of the change, and unpack as much as you can. After a month or two, your life will be back into its work/life/sleep pattern so consider any break from it, if you can, a holiday of sorts. Once your utilities are all reconnected, you may find you have less time to unpack, so it’s good to get as much of it out of the way as possible in this transitional period. Also, as you return to work outside the home, be sure you are familiar with your new route to work, and allow some extra time for the journey….just in case.

As you can see, the first few days after a move can be a bit of a chore to handle. However, it does not have to be if you plan things in advance. Our company can help you with your move and can give you additional tips that will make the transition to your new home and lifestyle a breeze. We offer the best moving and storage Los Angeles