More Tips for Holding a Successful Moving Sale

Moving into a new place is always an exciting time. It is a time to meet new neighbors, make new friends and to enjoy a refreshing change of scenery. Oddly enough, it is also a time that can be somewhat profitable. How could that be with all the expenses that are related to moving? Two word: moving sale. Here are our best six tips for managing a moving sale – not just any sale but one that will hopefully prove to be very profitable and perhaps even fun.

  • Invite a few friends to help: Many hands make light work at the saying goes. Try to get friends to help in order to make the sale go smoother. Friends who know you well will know what you are and are not willing to part with.
  • Do your homework: Perhaps you have a collection that seems important only to you. You may be wrong. Some of your collectibles may indeed fetch a better than average price. Find out how much your collection is worth by doing some online research. Don’t make the mistake of treating all the items you are willing to part with as junk.
  • Clean your merchandise: No one wants to buy dirty items that look like they have been dragged across the floor. Clean all your items and your clothing in particular before your set them out for sale. You may find that it makes quite a difference in the price you get for each item.
  • Get creative with your advertising: Use social media, posters, banners and other ways to advertise your moving sale. You will have a much bigger reach and a much better chance of making your event successful.
  • Check your local “garage sale” laws: Some municipalities may forbid moving sales so it is better to check first just to be sure. Or you may need a permit and checking first will let you know what to do in order to hold your sale “legally.”sale
  • Show off your merchandise: Instead of just plopping your merchandise on a table or sidewalk, take some time to organize a display. Sort similar items together in a manner that shows off their attractiveness and helps potential buyers choose the things they need easier.

Hopefully, these tips will help make your moving sale a rousing success. However, even it is not you can use our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles for items you do not sale and do not wish to throw away or donate. We also have a designer’s delivery service in Los Angeles.

5 Moving Day Disasters and How to Avoid Them

One of the top goals that people strive for when it comes to relocating is to make sure that everything runs smoothly and that there are no unplanned emergencies. One way to avoid moving day disasters is to hire the right moving company. Hiring a moving company with years of experience in the business makes things flow easier and reduces the chance that relocating will be the hair-raising experience many people find it to be. To help you avoid losing time, money and hair, we’ve gathered five ways to ensure that catastrophes do not occur during your next move.

  • Avoid getting scammed by your moving company – Unfortunately, there are many scam moving companies out there. They can put your money and your property in jeopardy on that most important day. To avoid them, you should carefully research any company you will be dealing with. Make sure that their customer service is top notch. Be sure that they have the correct licenses. Most importantly of all, be sure to check with former customers of that company. Our Calabasas moving and storage company can withstand the scrutiny of the pickiest customer.
  • The new house is not ready – Few things rank higher of the scale of things that can go wrong than a house that is not ready. Some signs that a house is not ready include still wet paint, locked fences, dusty floors laden with cement, unpolished windows and visible scaffolding. Worst of all, some “unprepared” homes are not even habitable yet and may require home owners to stay at a motel. To avoid this disaster, communicate with the old homeowner weeks in advance of moving in order to make sure that all right with the
  • Accidents and injuries: Saving money is one thing but safety should be the top concern of anyone who is involved in a move. Accidents that can occur when moving include being cut by sharp instruments, heavy lifting injuries, tripping, etc. In order to avoid such an emergency caution everyone involved in the move to use the proper equipment when moving – such as a transport belt – and the proper form when lifting. Also, be sure to pack a first aid kit with you.
  • Friends bail on your DIY move – One way to avoid this potential disaster is to hire professional movers to help you during your relocation. Our movers in Burbank will not contact you at the last moment because they are sick or because “something came up”.
  • Movers refuse to transport your item – We try to be as accommodating as possible but there are certain items that movers are forbidden by law from moving. These items include loaded guns, paint thinner, gasoline, propane tanks, etc.

In short, accidents happen no matter how well prepared a person may be. However, properly preparing yourself can reduce the chance that this special day will be special for all the wrong reasons.

5 Tips for Cleaning Your House or Apartment When Moving Out

In a perfect world, the new home or apartment that you are moving into will have been cleaned thoroughly by conscientious tenants or homeowners. But we all know this is not a perfect world. Prior residents sometimes forget the little courtesies in life like such as helping to make the next person’s move easier and more sanitary. As one of the top movers in Burbank, we know that you will want to make sure that your apartment or home is spotless when relocating to your new residence. Thus, we offer you the following tips on making your apartment or home spotless before the new residents move in.

  • Gather cleaning supplies: The first thing you should do now that all your furniture has been relocated is to gather together the proper cleaning supplies. Be sure to have on hand, disinfectants, glass cleaner, mops, brooms, dusting spray, paper towels, a dustpan, trashcan, sponges, trash bags, etc. Gather these supplies together and begin to develop a room by room plan to clean the entire house/apartment.
  • Start with the kitchen: Study after study has concluded that the kitchen is the dirtiest part of any home (as disturbing as that may be). Go over the stove, oven, microwave, fridge, sink and disposal with the appropriate cleaner. Finally, do not forget the floor and walls.
  • Clean the bathroom: A plethora of nasty germs are known to inhabit the bathrooms of even the cleanest homes. However, don’t let that deter you from sanitizing the toilet, sink, bathtub and shower before you leave. Finally, clean the floors and tiles of mildew etc.moving
  • Clean all floors: As you move from room to room, don’t forget to clean the floors thoroughly. Be particularly mindful of high traffic areas that may be hiding dirt and other contaminants brought in from the outside.
  • Consider using professional cleaners: If the task of cleaning up before you leave your old residence seems too formidable, consider hiring an apartment or house cleaning service. Don’t leave the house or apartment in disarray.

To sum up, no one wants to move into an apartment or house only to have to clean up after the prior residents. There are far too many tasks involved in moving in or out of a home or apartment to have to worry about this. Moreover, consider how you would feel if, when you reached your new home, you found dirt, grime and other surprises all throughout the house. Our designer’s delivery service in Los Angeles can make the entire moving process seamless and cost effective.

Things You Should Consider Throwing Out Before You Move

One of the most daunting parts to any move is deciding what to throw out and what to keep. You know you have to do it but let’s face it – many of us are packrats. We cling on to certain items simply because we are used to having them around. But getting rid of your excess items can make your move more organized and a lot easier for all involved. So what items should you consider getting rid of and which should you take with you? Here are a few suggestions from Russell’s Moving and Storage.

  • Old, unwanted media: For many of us CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Blu-Rays and books are dust collectors. Many households can easily do without these often unwatched or unlistened to kinds of media. The good news is that if you are looking to reduce the size of your media library prior to your move there are many sites that allow you to do so. Sites like Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist are filled with potential buyers of such items.
  • Outdated electronics: The rapidly changing pace of technology makes this category a no-brainer. Many of us have TVs, computers and other items around the house that are not only outdated but that are difficult to move. Why not make your move easier by getting rid of devices that will have to be replaced any way? Charities will eagerly accept such donations.
  • Old clothes: Old clothing is perhaps the most surplused item of all time. Why not donate that old coat, pair of pants, shirt, etc and at the same time receive a tax-deduction! This win-win situation helps the less fortunate and reduces the amount of items you will have to transport to your new digs.
  • Gag gifts and random free promotional stuff: Yes, these items are fun to look at but like the other kinds of brickerbrack they can quickly outstay their welcome and quickly become clutter.
  • Old and unused kitchenware: Do you have Tupperware, forks, knives, plates, cups, bowls or can openers that you rarely use? What about that old blender, food processor or electric can opener? Get rid of these old and unused items for a much easier move.

In short, get rid of the clutter and make your move easier and quicker. As a company that has the best moving and storage in Los Angeles, we can tell you that every little piece of clutter that you can get rid of helps. One of our other specialties is designer services in Los Angeles. For those items that you cannot afford to get rid of such as fine arts and other valuables, we offer secure delivery and storage that you can rely on.

Ways to Stay Organized While Moving

“Fail to plan, plan to fail” – Winston Churchill

As we’ve already stated on this blog, moving can be one of the most stressful events in life. The main reason for this is because of all the things there are to do and all the things there are that can go wrong. It isn’t just about getting used to a new environment. It is also about managing this very challenging process. Our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company is more than happy to aid you in the process of moving to your new location. However, we find that the easiest moves are made by people who remain well organized during every aspect of this demanding life event. Here are some of our suggestions for lessening the chaos involved in the big move.

  • Choose a reliable moving service: Choosing a moving company that is reliable, professional and courteous will save you time and money. Professionals such as the ones we employee at our Beverly Hills moving company are experts in helping to make your move seamless.
  • Use a moving checklist: Outline everything that needs to be done during, before and after your move. This will save you aggravation, time and possibly even money. Keep this plan in a binder and include in it things such as your budget, the name of your moving company, receipts, etc.
  • Meticulously label all boxes: This will help you keep track of what you move and where it will be placed when you reach your destination. It will also help our movers.
  • Pack on a room by room basis: Along with labeling all boxes, packing the contents of each room separately will help you during the process of unpacking.
  • Get rid of junk: One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Throw away or donate as many items as you can before you move. This will eliminate clutter and ease the amount of packing you will have to do when the big day arrives.
  • Start early: Pack a few boxes each day so that you will have less work to do on the actual moving day. Also, by packing non-essential items early you may find that you can eliminate items altogether (see above).


In conclusion, by making a plan and following through on that plan you can decrease the confusion involved in the moving process. Making an effective plan will help during all aspects of your move from beginning to end.

Items that are Challenging to Move

At Russells Moving and Storage, we pride ourselves on making what is normally a difficult task easier on you. We have been in the business for years and are accustomed to moves of all sizes. But when it gets right down to it the task of moving can be challenging because certain items are more difficult to move than others either because they are fragile or because they are large or oddly shaped etc. Our Westlake Village Storage Company is up to the challenge that these items present but we thought you would like to know some of these items so that you can prepare them for transport by packing them carefully and letting our movers know what to expect.


  • Plants: Plants are, as everyone knows, relatively fragile compared to other items on your moving list. They can do best when they are packed carefully in cardboard boxes. Be sure that when you do pack your plants to prune and care for them properly before transporting them and to unpack them right away once you reach your new destination. Finally, you may wish to transport your plants in your own private vehicle.
  • Delicate works of art: The trick to packing artwork of high monetary value is to use sturdy boxes that are profusely packed with bubble wrap, packing peanuts, paper etc.
  • Pianos: There is a very funny Laurel and Hardy short that centers on the pair moving a piano up a steep flight of stairs. The pair does so completely incompetently of course but it shows what everyone knows – pianos do not move easily. They are large, expensive and oddly shaped. For this reason, you should never take this task on yourself. For this task, rely on the best moving and storage in Los AngelesRussells Moving and Storage.
  • Fish and fish tanks: Fish can be more challenging to move than most other kinds of pets. When moving them and their tanks, place the fish in a bag rather than leaving them in the tank. Finally, empty the tank mostly and do not try to transport it while it is full and the fish are present.
  • Workout equipment: Most workout equipment weighs a lot and will naturally add heft to your move. Pack small weights in boxes and dissemble whatever you can before attempting to move these items and remember most of all to be careful.

The most important thing to remember is that all of this can be made easier by engaging the right movers who are experienced and who have insurance for when things don’t always go as planned.