5 Worst Case Moving Scenarios

There’s an old saying that “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” Well, for people who have ever moved from one home to another – and that is nearly all of us at some point – that is sometimes true. However, there are certain experiences that go beyond mere inconveniences and can make moving day one of the worst times of a person’s life. Here are several worst-case scenarios that will remind you to put more effort into organizing your own relocation the right way preferably with the help of professionals.

  • Parking issues: Ideally, you should make sure that the movers you hire are as close to your home as is both legally allowable and practical. Not doing so has cost people time on their move as well as money. The takeaway from this is to make every effort to clear the area around your home of cars or other obstacles and to expect that extra charges may incur if movers have to spend more time and effort then they should have to.
  • Furniture does not fit through doors: Always measure larger objects to determine if they will be able to clear your doors. This will prevent you from having to pay for items that will not able to be transported to your new location. If you have an item that is very large, one of the following options may help: (a) disassemble it if you can (b) remove the door itself, (c) use a rigging system.
  • Moving truck issues: It is vitally important for you to book the right sized truck for your move. If you do not, you may end up paying more than you have to or there will not have enough room to transport all your goods. This occurs sometimes when customers do not take the time to confer with the moving company before moving. Our relocation company in Los Angeles will work with you to determine the right truck(s) for your needs so that you do not encounter any unwanted surprises on moving day.
  • Forgetting the keys: Imagine showing up at your new home ready to move in only to discover that you have forgotten the keys! You can avoid this situation that actually has happened to some people by creating a checklist of the things you will need at your need home. Your keys should be at the top of the list. Keep the list in your wallet or purse since most people keep these items on them at all times.moving box
  • No elevator: Taking a few belongings up a few flights of stairs can actually be more of a nightmare than most think. It can lead to injury and damage to your valuables. You can avoid this scenario by paying movers to do the job. This will save stress and strain on your back and legs as well as save you time.

What else can go wrong during a move? There are plenty of things. However, our Pasadena moving company can help you avoid experiencing many nightmare scenarios. Our staff is courteous, respectful and highly trained. They can make your move seamless, safe and calamity free.