6 Things You Should Always Throw Away Before you Move

Many of us are pack rats whether we wish to admit it or not. And under normal circumstances this condition is not too difficult to manage. However, when it comes time to move it can really be a problem. You can minimize the headache that packing brings by losing some of the following items before our truck even pulls up to your home. Here are six items you should definitely toss these before you move.

  • Clothing you haven’t worn for years: We know that this can be difficult for many people. Many of us have strong memories attached to old clothing items. However, it makes no sense to pack items that you aren’t using now and will not be using after you move. Try donating used clothing to your local thrift store.
  • Unused kitchen gadgets and small appliances: Kitchenware is a huge seller for merchandisers. That is because people are fascinated with ways to save time and effort in the kitchen. For that reason many of us have old, unused gadgets sitting around our kitchen that go underused or not used at all.
  • Unwanted DVDs and CDs: Are your drawers and shelves filled with old DVDs and CDs? If they are then it is time to let some of this clutter go. Movies, TV shows, and music can now be downloaded and saved on to our hard drives, cell phones, etc. This saves storage space and it saves the effort of having to pack these old fashioned media items.
  • Leftover food: Take the time to go over the items in your fridge. Donate food items you no long want to a food bank and of course throw away items that have expired.
  • Towels: Towels are bulky, easy to replace, relatively inexpensive and need to be replaced often so why not get rid of those old towels before you move. towels
  • Knickknacks: Knickknacks, bric-a-brac, baubles, trinkets…whatever you call it all adds up to the same thing – clutter. These purely decorative items should be high up on your list of things you can ditch before moving.

Yes, moving time is an excellent opportunity to begin your own personal purge. For those items that you do wish to keep our relocation company in Los Angeles also has a climate-controlled, state of the art storage facility. For full service moving in Los Angeles turn to us when the task of moving becomes too burdensome.