4 Ways to Find a Handyman

Once many people move into their new home, they often find themselves wanting to either fix minor defects that they overlooked during their initial walk through or they desire to tweak a few of its features. In either case, a handyman is often the best way to accomplish this goal especially when the home owner is not handy at fixing things him or herself. Thus, we are listing four easy ways to find a reliable handyman or other home improvement professional in your new city.

  • Angie’s List: When moving to a new neighborhood you are likely to be unfamiliar with all the services and businesses in that community. This is where the popular site Angie’s List can be useful. They can provide you with contacts for many kinds of professional wherever you are in the country. Moreover, the site contains useful articles related to home improvement.
  • Thumbtack: A less known website that specializes in putting homeowners together with professionals of all kinds is Thumbtack. The site is simple to use and completely free for people who are in search of a handyman. All one needs to do is to enter his/her contact information in the site and answer a few questions about what they want done and viola! – a list of professionals comes up complete with cost estimates, customers reviews, etc.
  • Task Rabbit: This site is a lot like Thumbtack and contains many of its features. There, you can enter your information and details about your project and you will quickly be presented with a list of professionals near you who can do many kinds of task from home improvement to pet sitting and more.
  • Word of mouth: One of the many advantages to making friends with your new neighbors is that they can be a repository of information about the area. They can tell you about the services and businesses that they use including handymen. Plus, asking your new neighbors about who performed work on their home is a great way to break the ice.

Ideal Jobs for a Handyman

Before you begin your search for a handyman, remember that they are usually best at performing small to mid-sized tasks. These tasks include:

  • Caulking
  • Decks and porches
  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance
  • Home exterior repairs
  • Painting and touch-ups
  • Hanging window treatments, pictures and mirrors and installing light fixturestools

Of course, before finding a new handyman, you’ll need to plan your move. As the premier relocation company in Los Angeles, Russell’s Moving and Storage can help you make the transition to your new home seamless and stress-free. We excel at helping people with their Pasadena moving and storage needs and can offer you more advice on how to plan and execute your move.