6 Interesting Facts about Moving you may Not Know

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, 43 million people or 17% of the total U.S. population moves each year. In this sense you could say that moving is one of America’s most popular pastimes. And although we at Russell’s Moving and Storage help many people relocate every day, we try to keep in mind that the experience is a special one for our customers. To help enlighten you somewhat about this popular American activity, we’ve rounded up six moving tips and interesting facts about moving that you might not have known. Perhaps knowing some of these facts will help take some of the stress out of moving.

  • Fact: Nearly 50% of all moves occur during one third of the year – between the beginning of May and Labor Day. And why would this not be the case? The weather is usually cooperative, the kids are out of school, work schedules are more relaxed, etc. However, since this is a busy time of year for moving some people chose to move in the “off season.”
  • Fact: Nearly 20.2% of moves are employment related. This is often driven by things such as desiring an easier commute and a job transfer.
  • Fact: Friday is the most popular moving day of the week. This is because weekend schedules are usually open for many people and allows them the opportunity to unpack and settle into their new environment.
  • Fact: Professional movers are required by federal law to supply all clients with the booklet Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. The booklet explains your rights as a consumer of moving services, how to resolve complaints with movers, how to protect your high value items, etc.
  • Fact: Americans find moving to be the third most stressful life event after a death in the family and divorce. The stress increases when people try a DIY move. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire professionals to help relieve some of this stress. Our company offers full service moving in Los Angeles and our customer service team knows that one of their jobs is to make your move seamless.moving
  • Fact: Hiring professionals may be cheaper than going it alone. This is because the moving company will cover all such as packing, the truck, transportation costs, toll expenses, etc. Our company even offers designer services Los Angeles.

In short, Americans love the opportunity to start fresh all over again in a new town or neighborhood. We would be delighted to become a part of that opportunity. Learn more great facts about moving and how we can help you enjoy a stress-free move by contacting us today.