6 Ways to Protect a Vacant Home after Moving Out

The elements, system failure, vandalism, and burglary are all dangers to vacant properties. If your former home has not been sold by the time you move then it may fall prey to any of these dangers. Take steps to decrease the chance that these potentially costly issues will devalue your former home by following the tips below.

  • Lock all ports of entry: Make sure that all your windows and doors are locked and secured with sturdy hardware before you move out. Also, secure your basement windows as this is one of most common entry points that burglars use when breaking into a home. There, burglars often find heaters, furnaces, pipes and wiring to be attractive items to pilfer.
  • Talk to your neighbors: Let your neighbors know when you will be vacating your property. This way there will be extra eyes on your home after you move out.
  • Maintain the exterior: Homes that are in poor condition on the outside are sometimes an invitation for burglars who may believe that they are vacant. Hire someone to mow the law occasionally, clean the gutters and trim the bushes in order to maintain the appearance that someone is still living there.
  • Seal up pet doors: Human intruders are not the only ones who may be waiting to enter your now vacant home. Wildlife can sometimes take up residence in vacant property as shelter from the cold or from predators or when breeding. Therefore, make sure that all apertures to your home are sealed before moving out.
  • Notify the police and the fire department that the house will be vacant: The police will probably add your vacant home to their route once you have informed them of your move. You may also wish to leave with them contact information if something should happen.house
  • Consider purchasing vacant home insurance: Yes, there is such a thing. You can actually insure a property that you are vacating to protect it from the vandalism, burglary, etc. Check with your insurance company for more details.

Now that you know how to secure your old home, it’s time to think about moving to your new home. Our movers in Burbank make it easy for you to set your sights on your new destination secure in the knowledge that your belongings will arrive safely and on time. Our Pasadena moving company is licensed and insured and will make sure you get the most out of your moving experience.