Reasons Traditional Storage is Superior to PODS

Are you looking for the most efficient way to move or store your items? Many people have discovered moving PODS to be a convenient solution for storing items indefinitely. However, upon closer examination PODS are not all they are cracked up to be. Storage facilities like ours have many advantages to them that outweigh most of the gains that these units provide. Here are a few drawbacks to using PODs as a solution to your storage needs.

  • PODs are not intended to store high value items: Experts recommend that you do not store high value items such as upholstery, fine wood furniture, artwork, antiques, press board or pianos in PODS. They are too susceptible to break in.
  • PODs are typically more expensive that traditional storage: In some cases, consumers must obtain a permit from the town the live in order to store their POD. These fees can range from $125.00 to $1,500.00. Moreover, storage containers without permits can sometimes be subject to impoundment by the town in which a person resides. moving boxes
  • PODs are not as secure as traditional facilities: Storage pods do not contain the security features of a full service storage facility. Therefore, they can be very attractive to potential thieves who may also target your home while they are vandalizing your POD.
  • PODs are sometimes inaccessible: In spite of the perceived convenience of having your items packed right outside your home, POD companies may not allow you to access your belongings any time you want.
  • PODs require you to hire and/or find moving help: A full-service moving company will store your items for you indefinitely and move them when you are ready. When hiring a POD company, you still have to hire and/or find moving help to move in and out of the pod. This will require additional time and expense.

So, whether your priority is savings, convenience, or security, you can see why moving containers are not the panacea that they appear to be. They take up space that you may not have, are an eyesore in communities and they are not intended to house truly expensive items. Our Beverly Hills storage company is secure and convenient. Also, our full service moving in Los Angeles provides top notch services that serve several communities in the area.