5 Rainy Day Moving Tips

Moving in the rain is not a lot of fun. Doing so can throw a monkey wrench into the most carefully planned activities and moving is no exception. If you are able to you should check the weather before your move but just in case you do not and Mother Nature has decided to be contrary, we have gathered together the following tips on how to keep your belongings dry and your family safe when moving to your destination. 

  • Have plenty of plastic on hand: Paper items, books and clothing can quickly be ruined by even a light downpour. Therefore, be sure to place these items in plastic bags and place them in a container. You can use trash bags for this purpose since nearly everyone has them around the home.  
  • Wear rain gear: Wearing the right clothing can not only help you stay dry, it can also help keep you from falling. Therefore, you will want a rain jacket (or poncho), shoes with traction and work gloves while moving in the rain. 
  • Prep your home for rain: Get to your new place ahead of movers and prepare for moving your belongings into it. Put out a welcome mat, store dry towels in your new home and turn up the heat prior to moving in. 
  • Protect the floors: You will want to protect the floors from damage and from becoming a danger to your family and to movers. We suggest you consider using an adhesive carpet film to protect the floor. You may also consider using towels, rugs and other items to help reduce the risk of injury from slips and falls. rain
  • Pay attention to special items: Some of your belongings will be able to withstand the rain while others may be completely ruined by it. Take special care to protect the latter. Better still, if you can wait for the rain to stop before moving vulnerable items do so. 

Our Pasadena moving and storage company has solutions for many unique moving challenges — including rainy days. Moreover, we are flexible when you must postpone your move. Just give us ample notice and we will try to work with you. If you have questions about your rainy-day move, call us at (310) 275-8811Our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company will be happy to help you weather the storm!