Relocating Your Office

Many business owners have decided to allow employees to work from home indefinitely
due to the continued impacts of COVID19. This has changed the way office spaces function and
the needs of any physical office location. If business owners are continuing to keep office space,
they may be considering downsizing or relocating to a new space when possible. As your local
Thousand Oaks Moving and Storage company, we have years of experience moving
commercial spaces. Below are a few tips to help you prepare to move your office.
1. Create a schedule: Creating a schedule at the start of your move will help you get
organized and stay organized. As you start moving through the process you may become
overwhelmed. Sticking to the plan will allow you to rest assured that everything is taken
care of.
2. Back-up everything: If you will be relocating a lot of digital spaces such as computers
and servers you will want to make sure that you have thoroughly backed everything up.
Things happen and you will thank yourself later.
3. Start with furniture: Furniture is one of the easier pieces to pack as there are no
backups to be made and no digital pieces to go missing. Starting with furniture is a great
way to make headway without having to address your digital world.
4. Pack electronics: Pack your electronics up safely and securely. Make sure that all pieces
stay together, label your cords, and be careful.
5. Go through documents: Moving an office is the best time to address going through old
papers and files that may have been sitting for years. You likely no longer need much of
what you have stored and tossing these papers will saving you a lot of time and space
on your move.
If you need a Thousand Oaks Moving and Storage company our team of trained
professionals is here to help.