Packing Your Kitchen

As your local Westlake Village Moving Company, Russell’s Moving and Storage, has
decades of years of experience in packing up kitchens. If you are looking for full-service moving
our team is here to support you. However, if you are looking to pack your own kitchen and have
our team just help with the move, there are many things you will want to consider when
packing up your kitchen. We keep many things in our kitchen that cannot make the move with
us as well as many fragile items. Below is a list of things to consider when it comes time to
packing up your kitchen.
 Prepare: Before getting to the actual packing, you will want to prepare all ofkitchen your items.
Start by sorting all of your items and locating the essentials. Relocate the essentials to a
last-minute category that you will need to keep out to use until right before you move.
Once you have sorted all of your items you will be able to easily see what type of
packing materials you need and how much.
 Packing infrequently used items: Holiday items and serving trays are among some of
the more infrequently used items that you will find in your kitchen. Try packing these
items up first since you will not need them prior to your move.
 Packing Liquor & Wine: If you are moving locally you will want to try and keep your
wine and liquor on your person. This will help you to temperature control your precious
items. However, if you are moving long-distance you will want to make sure you
thoroughly secure your wine and liquor in thick packing material and label the box so
that it can be watched as carefully as possible.
 Empty Pantry: Empty your pantry out and discard expired goods. Try and use up as
much of what you have as possible. This will help you to go through what you can
before you have to toss or donate before you move.