Improvements to Make Before You Move In

Today’s competitive real estate market has forced buyers to start looking at
alternative options when it comes to purchasing their next home. For example, a
family who once wanted a move-in ready home may now be considering a fixer-
upper just to widen their options. As your local movers in Burbank, we are seeing
this quite frequently. If your family has decided to take on a fixer-upper you will
want to consider making a significant amount of the updates prior to moving in.
There are a few items that are either difficult to live with or unsafe to live through
the renovation. Below is a short list of items to consider updating prior to your
move date.moving truck
 Flooring: If you are going to be updating your flooring it will be much easier
to do prior to moving in. If you wait until after you move in the flooring
company will have to work around all of your belongings making it much
more difficult to install.
 Popcorn Ceilings: If your new home still has outdated popcorn ceilings you
will want to remove prior to moving in. The removal process can be
hazardous to your health and it is easier to accomplish prior to moving.
 Interior Paint: Similar to flooring interior paint is much easier to accomplish
if your personal belongings are not in the way. You will also not be exposed
to the harsh chemical smells.
 Closet Shelving: If you are hoping to have closet organization installed it is
ideal if you do so prior to moving. This will allow you to move right in and
immediately start storing your belongings. If you install closet organization
after you move in you will have to remove everything from your closet for a
period of time, which can be frustrating and annoying.
If you are looking for the best mover in Burbank our team is here to support
you every step of the way.