Moving Boxes After The Move

As your local full service moving Los Angeles company we know just how quickly your
moving boxes and trash piles can accumulate after your move is done. If you decide on a full
serving moving Los Angeles package, we are happy to help remove all of this debris from your
home as we complete our job. However, if you decide to unpack yourself you will need to figure
out how you will be disposing of all of your extra cardboard and additional trash. There are a
few ways you can easily dispose of these items after your move. See below for our most
popular suggestions.
 Sell them online: Many people are looking for second hand moving boxes at a reduced
cost. It can be a win/win for you to recoup some of your moving expenses while they
receive mildly used boxes at a fraction of the cost! This is a wonderful way to recycle
your moving boxes.
 Contact a local charity: Many local charities are in need of cardboard boxes for a varietymoving boxes
of reasons. Popular places that need boxes include: thrift sores, food banks, and
shelters. It is always best if you call ahead of time to make sure that they need the boxes
prior to just showing up.
 Recycle/Reuse: If you are potentially moving again in the near future you may want to
save your boxes for your own future move. However, if you are certain you are staying
put it is always easiest to just remove them from your home. Moving boxes are typically
quite bulky and can take up significant space in your home. You can also take your boxes
to a local recycling center. Cardboard also makes for great compost!