Just Get Packing

Moving can get overwhelming very quickly. Often times the overwhelm sets in
before you even really get started! The best way to avoid getting too overwhelmed is to just get
started. When you don’t know where to start, just start packing. As your local Beverly Hills
storage provider we have made a brief list of ways you can help yourself get started. However,
remember the best place to start is always to just start, whatever that looks like to you!
1. Get rid of what you don’t need: Moving is an excellent time to purge
unnecessary items in your home. Depending on how long you have lived there
you may have an excess of unnecessary items that you didn’t even realize until
you started packing. If you get started early enough you will have the proper
amount of time to go through all of your items to see what you really will need
in your new home and what it is time to get rid of.
2. Gather supplies: You will need materials to be able to package breakable items
such as bubble wrap along with tape, sharpies, and an abundance of moving
boxes in different sizes. It is important that you get various size moving boxes
because you never know how many of each you will end up needing. You don’t
want to overpack large boxes as they become to heavy to carry and things end
up getting damaged.
3. Break down packing into manageable sections: As your local Beverly Hills
storage provider we often see moving become an overwhelming event for many
families. If you break down your package into a room by room situation it
becomes much more manageable. Try not to look at your home as a whole that
you have to pack but rather one room at a time and stay focused. It will all get
done!moving boxes