Moving Day Tips

As a local full service moving Los Angeles company, we know how stressful moving day
can be. You have planned and prepared for months for the big day, and it is finally here! There
are several things that you can do to help make sure that the day runs as smoothly as possible.
First, the easiest way to make sure moving day goes off without a hitch is to hire a full service
moving Los Angeles company such as Russell’s Moving. Next, there are several things you can
do yourself as well.
 Make sure you or someone you trust is present: It is important that you or someone
you trust is there to help make any necessary decisions the day of moving. Questions
will pop up at the last minute and there is no way to plan ahead for just about
everything. Make sure if you are unable to bet there that day that you have someone in
place that can make important last minute decisions on your behalf.
 Clear a path for movers: Make sure that there is a clear direction and pathway paved
for the movers both inside and outside your home. This will make the process run much
smoother. It is also helpful if you are all set to go before they arrive rather than finishing
up when they arrive.
 Do a final walk through: Do a final walk through of your home just to double check that
nothing was left in the back of a cabinet, etc. It helps to have several sets of eyes check
 Arrange for kids/pets: It is difficult to have kids and pets running around the day of
moving. They are likely to get hurt, lost, or just in the way as they will be very bored that
day. It is helpful if you can make accommodations for them to be somewhere else that is
safer and more fun for them.