Moving & Hangers

Our full service moving Los Angeles company is well-versed in the moving and packing
of hangers. Hangers can be a tricky item to relocate and one you might not think about. Most
families have an abundance of hangers, so relocating them can be difficult simply in the fact
that there are so many! If you need assistance from a full service moving Los Angeles company,
Russell’s is here to support you every step of the way. If you are packing up yourself there are a
few things to consider when it comes to packing up your family’s hangers.
 Decide if you’re bringing them: Not all hangers are worth moving. If you have newer
hangers that are all matching and made of wood or velvet, they are likely worth the
trouble of moving. If you have mismatched sets from years ago that are wire or plastic,
it is better to toss them than save. Keep in mind how much room you have available for
these hangers as they can really add up. Tossing your old hangers can be a real space
 Understand that they are tricky: Older hangers, particularly wire hangers, can easily
scratch other items depending on how they are packaged. Make sure you pack them
carefully and not with items that they could put a hole in or scratch the surface. Plastic
hangers can also break easily so they are not worth the added space that they take up.
 Wardrobe box: One of the best reasons to salvage at least a few of your hangers are for
the purpose of a wardrobe box. While we don’t recommend using a wardrobe box for all
of your clothing because they take up an enormous amount of room, they can be a
wonderful way to package up special clothing items that you want to take extra care.