Tips for Meeting New People After You Move

One of the most difficult parts of any move is the act of leaving our close friends. Sure Facebook and Skype can close the distance digitally, but it is still a difficult transition to make. However, one should view relocating to another state or even town as an opportunity to make new friends and broaden one’s circle of acquaintances. This way moving becomes more like an adventure than a chore. Here is our tried-and-true advice on finding your new adult friends once you’ve moved to your new city.

  • Explore your new city: Even though it may be a bit scary at first, plan some time to go out and explore new restaurants, museums, stores, etc in your new city. Once you put yourself in places where people gather, compatible individuals may eventually approach you.
  • Take a class: Be it pottery, cooking, yoga, interpretive dance, etc, there is no more guaranteed method of meeting like-minded people and at the same time improving oneself than by taking continuing education courses. They are offered everywhere and are usually quite affordable.moving company
  • Participate in community events: Attend local events, fundraisers, and other gatherings in your new city to show your commitment to it and to begin networking with potential new friends.
  • Make an effort with co-workers: If your move comes with a job change as well, make an attempt to get close to your new co-workers. Invite them to lunch dates in order to become acquainted with them.
  • Join a club or a social group: There is some kind of group for people with every interest you can imagine. Find local groups whose members share your passions and interest. One site that helps people find social groups they may wish to join is
  • Reach out to friends of friends: Ask your friends from your old community if they know people in your new city. Reach out to these people once you have settled in.

Finally, remember that even the closest of friends started out as strangers at one time. It may seem a bit daunting at first but reaching out and making new friends can be one of life’s most rewarding endeavors. As movers in Burbank we know that moving involves more than just the logistics of relocating your possessions. Our relocation company in Los Angeles has seen many family’s through what can be a challenging time.