Tips for Storing Wooden Furniture

Wood-based furnishings are among the most fragile items that are placed in storage. After all, wood is susceptible to scratches, cracks, warping, rotting and just plain age. For this reason, special care should be taken to help ensure that your wood-based items are protected until you need your furnishings again. We protect all your belongings by placing them in our secure, San Fernando Valley facility. However, when it comes to securing your wooden furnishings from damage, we suggest you take special precautions as well. Here are some of our tips for protecting and packing the wooden items you choose to place in storage.

  • Pre-treat your wood furniture: Several weeks before you move consider protecting your wooden items against environmental changes by applying a coat of wax or furniture polish to them.
  • Empty out all belongings: Make moving easier and safer by removing all items from your dressers, etc. Items left inside cabinets, drawers, curios, etc., can make those items more difficult to move and can damage furnishings.
  • Using climate-controlled storage facilities: Excessive heat and cold can damage wood permanently. Never use a storage facility that does not have adequate climate controls. Our facility may be massive but it is climate-controlled. This helps prevent shrinking, warping and other deformations to stored items.
  • Keep it covered: Cover your wood furnishings with cloth, furniture pads, moving blankets, etc. in order to protect them from light, moisture and dust. This ensures that they will not be damaged by scratches, etc.
  • Disassemble furniture if possible: Don’t try to save time by packing items together that should be disassembled first. For example, when moving dressers make sure to remove and wrap the drawers. Further, when moving beds make sure to disassemble the head and food board first, etc.
  • Let the wood breathe: Never wrap your wood furnishings in plastic when moving them. Not only does plastic not provide adequate protection for your belongings, it also suffocates your wood items. Wood is an organic material that needs to breathe. Use moving blankets and furniture pads and perhaps use bubble wrap between items.

Finally, make sure that you provide enough room between items when placing wood furnishings in storage. By doing so, you will ensure that your belonging remain beautiful and functional for years to come. For full service moving in Los Angeles our facility is the perfect place to store your furnishings whether you are moving due to an upcoming renovation project, making room for a new baby, or even storing a deceased relative’s belongings etc.