The Ultimate Moving Checklist

Every time a person moves from one home to another he or she faces a test of organization and persistence. This is because there are so many things to do and to keep track of that it is little wonder that anyone ever pulls off a successful relocation – but they do. This proves that it is possible to move from the location with the right planning and forethought. To help you better prepare your move, we’ve created the ultimate checklist for people who are about to relocate.

  • Have the utilities in your new home turned on: You do not want to move into your new home only to find out that the electricity, phone and gas are not set up yet. How depressing would that be?
  • Take the final meter readings and phone them in: You want to make sure that you have accurate readings of your utilities before you leave and that you turn off all appliances. (You don’t want to be hit with any unexpected bills from your old place once you have settled into your new home.)
  • Inform your bank, mobile phone and other service providers of your new address: Be careful with this one. Not alerting companies who regularly bill you could lead to problems with your accounts.
  • Contact regular contractors: Make sure that your gardener, maid service and other providers know about your move.checklist
  • Have your mail redirected: Not having your mail redirected can cause you to lose valuable correspondence and may breach your privacy as people at your old address will have access to your mail.
  • Check the furniture you’ve left behind: If you do leave furniture, make sure that you have checked to make sure that you have not left anything underneath, in, behind or on top of it.
  • Pack all manuals: You may need them to reassemble furniture or electronics.

Once you have taken care of everything, you will be able to move on to your new house knowing that you’re able to continue your life without fear of disruption, identity theft or the need to bother the residents of your old home. In short, you’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the move itself. Our Westlake Village moving company can help you with your move and can give you additional tips that will make the transition to your new home and lifestyle a breeze. We offer the best moving and storage Los Angeles

5 Worst Case Moving Scenarios

There’s an old saying that “whatever can go wrong will go wrong.” Well, for people who have ever moved from one home to another – and that is nearly all of us at some point – that is sometimes true. However, there are certain experiences that go beyond mere inconveniences and can make moving day one of the worst times of a person’s life. Here are several worst-case scenarios that will remind you to put more effort into organizing your own relocation the right way preferably with the help of professionals.

  • Parking issues: Ideally, you should make sure that the movers you hire are as close to your home as is both legally allowable and practical. Not doing so has cost people time on their move as well as money. The takeaway from this is to make every effort to clear the area around your home of cars or other obstacles and to expect that extra charges may incur if movers have to spend more time and effort then they should have to.
  • Furniture does not fit through doors: Always measure larger objects to determine if they will be able to clear your doors. This will prevent you from having to pay for items that will not able to be transported to your new location. If you have an item that is very large, one of the following options may help: (a) disassemble it if you can (b) remove the door itself, (c) use a rigging system.
  • Moving truck issues: It is vitally important for you to book the right sized truck for your move. If you do not, you may end up paying more than you have to or there will not have enough room to transport all your goods. This occurs sometimes when customers do not take the time to confer with the moving company before moving. Our relocation company in Los Angeles will work with you to determine the right truck(s) for your needs so that you do not encounter any unwanted surprises on moving day.
  • Forgetting the keys: Imagine showing up at your new home ready to move in only to discover that you have forgotten the keys! You can avoid this situation that actually has happened to some people by creating a checklist of the things you will need at your need home. Your keys should be at the top of the list. Keep the list in your wallet or purse since most people keep these items on them at all times.moving box
  • No elevator: Taking a few belongings up a few flights of stairs can actually be more of a nightmare than most think. It can lead to injury and damage to your valuables. You can avoid this scenario by paying movers to do the job. This will save stress and strain on your back and legs as well as save you time.

What else can go wrong during a move? There are plenty of things. However, our Pasadena moving company can help you avoid experiencing many nightmare scenarios. Our staff is courteous, respectful and highly trained. They can make your move seamless, safe and calamity free.

More Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back When You Move

Many people who are moving from an apartment to a house feel that when it comes to getting back their security deposit all is lost. They feel this way because of stories that many of us hear about landlords dragging their feet in returning the deposit, or wrongfully withholding money from the deposit. However, as a former apartment dweller and potential new home owner you should know that there actually are ways to guarantee that you will see your money returned. Here are some tips for making sure that your security deposit goes back into your wallet — where it belongs.

  • Read the lease: Yes, the lease will tell under what conditions you may lose all or some of your initial deposit. And even though some leases can be quite long, reading them will help you while you are a tenant and when you are about to leave.
  • Pay your last month’s rent: Although some tenants see it this way, a security deposit and your last month’s rent are not the same thing. If you have this frame of mind you could end up paying for damaged items around your apartment and being sued for a month’s back rent.
  • Document everything: Document all changes you have made to the apartment. Also, take a video or pictures of the apartment as you are about to move out. Finally, keep a record of all maintenance issues that you raised with the manager since you moved in so that he/she is unable to say that any new issues have arisen that you have already contacted him/her about. This will be very strong proof if you run into an unscrupulous landlord who tries to keep your deposit on this basis.
  • Clean thoroughly: Clean your apartment from top to bottom prior to moving out. You may wish to have your apartment professionally cleaned just to make sure that it is in pristine condition before you move. If you do, save all your receipts.
  • Have your landlord do a mock inspection: Ask your landlord to pre-inspect your apartment prior to moving out. This way you will have time to fix antic he/she may find.
  • Research local laws: Make sure you understand the circumstances under which a landlord can keep all or part of your deposit. Also, be sure you know how to legally proceed if you dispute the amount the landlord decides to keep.

Finally, the process of getting your security deposit back can sometimes be a daunting task. But believe us – it does not have to be. With some planning and clear, considerate communication, you may end up with the money you paid upon moving into to your apartment right back into your hands. When you are ready to move, our Beverly Hills moving and storage company can help you. Our movers in Burbank are courteous, professional and they will treat your possessions as if they were their own.

5 Things You Can Leave Behind the Next Time You Move

If you’ve lived in your home for some time and are about to move it is easy to be startled by how many things you’ve actually accumulated over time. Moreover, many people who are about to move find that not all of the things they’ve accumulated are worth keeping. Thus, moving is a great time to de-clutter and to decrease the number of items you will have to transport to your new digs. So, while you’re packing for your move, here are some things you’ll want to leave behind.

  • Clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more: Before you move, take some time to go over your closet and make an honest assessment of your wardrobe. Like most of us, you probably have many items that have not been worn in a year or more. Consider either donating these items to charity or selling them.
  • Expired bathroom items: Medications and beauty products do tend to accumulate in most of our bathrooms. Check the expiration dates of old medicines, vitamins and beauty products before you move. Chances are you will find some items that are far past their prime and that not only can but should be thrown out for safety’s sake.
  • Broken or damaged items: Moving is not only a chance to get rid of old items, it is also a chance to upgrade to newer items and to replace broken things that are simply not worth repairing. Therefore, you should consider getting rid of junk that needs to be fixed or has missing pieces. Besides, you may need to buy new things to replace the old in order to match the decor of your new home.
  • Large, outdated electronics: Technology changes fast as everyone knows. Chances are that you have an old computer, DVD player, stereo, etc. that can be replaced by newer items. Consider donating these older items to a charity, selling them or giving them to friends before you move.
  • Keys: Gather together all the keys you use around the house such as your room keys, back gate keys, your garage door keys and of course your front door key and leave them in a place where the next occupant can easily find them or hand them over in person. If you do leave them behind for the new homeowners, be sure to label each key separately. keys

Once you’ve de-cluttered, and you’re ready to move the lean and mean items that remain, call Russell’s Moving and Storage. We’ll listen to your moving needs and try to accommodate you in a convenient and courteous manner. So, if you need full service moving in Los Angeles, our Beverly Hills storage is here to help. We will also give you a free quote to help get you started on your move. 

5 Ways to Keep Animals Away From Your House, Trash and Garden

Whether it is squirrels digging holes in your lawn, deer gobbling shrubs, raccoons making a winter vacation lodge out of your attic or rabbits nibbling vegetables, wildlife can quickly devalue your home. They can gnaw through wiring, destroy insulation and even threaten family pets. Below are 5 tips and tricks to keep your new home and garden critter-free.

  • Use Repellants: One of the easiest ways to ward off animals is to use some form of repellant. This can come in the form of scent repellants, which mimic the smell of predators, or motion detecting devices that activate lights and/or sound. Liquid and granules repellants can also be spread along the perimeter of your home and near your garage where animals like to
  • Clean the exterior clean: Marauding animals often prefer to set up shop where they have some protection from predators such as wood piles, brush and overgrown shrubbery. Therefore, try to keep the area around your home neatly trimmed and free of such items.
  • Scare them: Many wild creatures are deterred immediately by dogs that have free run of the yard. Dogs will instantly let prey animals know that they are in danger around your home and these uninvited guests will usually exclude it from their list of places to visit.
  • Secure your trash: Keep squirrels, raccoons, etc., from your garbage by (a) strapping a bungee cord around the lid, (b) keeping it indoors until the trash truck arrives, (c) keeping the area around it free from spill over.
  • Erect a barrier to protect your yard: A fence, if it is high enough and deeply posted in the ground, can keep many kinds of animals from picking your yard as a local hangout. Just be sure to check with your local area to see what kinds of fences are allowed.

Wildlife is best when it is outside where it should be. Your home should never be thought of as a safe haven for destructive creatures that can cost you a fortune in repairs and cleanup and even threaten the safety of your family. As you are about to move consider this and consider using our Westlake Village storage company to help you with the process. We are one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles with a proven track record of fast, courteous and efficient service.