Ways to Thank Friends for Helping You Move

Many hands make light work or so the saying goes. Well, this is certainly the case with moving. There are many task involved in uprooting oneself and moving to a new home. This is where it can be helpful to have friends who can make the task a little less daunting. Good friends can even make moving fun. But how can you thank these stand-up guys and gals for helping you once you have relocated? Here are some creative ways to thank your friends for helping you move:

  • Host a party: A housewarming party is the perfect way to thank friends for helping you move and at the same time meet new your new neighbors. Just cook up some food, provide the drinks and let your friends know when you will be celebrating your new digs and thanking them for their efforts.
  • Send them a handwritten note: Though it may sound rather old-fashioned, a handwritten note is a simple, straight forward way to thank a friend. It is more personal than email or a text message and you can take your time crafting the words you want to use.
  • Take friends out to dinner: Hosting a housewarming party is one way to go but why not take the celebration to another location. Offer to take your fiends out to dinner at their favorite restaurant. This way you can say thanks without having to do the work of preparing your place for a gathering.
  • Offer to help them: This one may seem obvious but thanking a friend by offering to help him/her is practical way to pay it forward. You can offer to help with child or pet setting, driving them someplace, etc. It doesn’t really matter. The important thing is that you let your friends know that you are there for them when they need help.thank you
  • Send them a personalized gift basket: Gift baskets are an excellent way to thank the special people in your life. Just be sure to pick a basket that fits their interests, likes, etc.

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