5 Tips for Moving Your Home Gym Equipment

Whether you have an exercise bike, a squatting rack, free weights or a treadmill, moving gym equipment can be a bit of a challenge. First, most home gym equipment is oddly shaped. Second, gym equipment tends to be quite heavy. Therefore, if you are planning a move in the near future it is worth taking some time to consider how you will be moving your fitness equipment to your new location. Here are five tips for doing so safely and effectively.

  • Study the instructions for assembly/disassembly: When moving fitness items it is likely that you will first have to disassemble them first. Refer to the manual you received when you first bought your equipment. It will likely have instructions on how to assemble and dissemble your equipment. Also, make sure that you have plenty of space around you to dissemble your items and that you keep all parts where you will be able to quickly find them after the move.
  • Prepare, check, and clean: Next, you should take the time to clean and sanitize all your equipment. After all, you do not want to carry germs into your nice new home. Wipe down your mats and other accessories with an all purpose cleaning solution (preferably an eco-friendly one) as well as your treadmill, stationary bike, etc.
  • Secure any moving parts: Peddles, cables, wheels and other moving parts should be secured so that they are not able to move during transportation. If this precaution is not taken it could result in damage to your equipment or more importantly to you or to your family.
  • Packing free weights securely: Free weights come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Therefore, you should take the utmost care when packing them. Pack smaller weight in bubble wrap placing them in small sturdy boxes. Wrap larger weights in a moving blanket and secure them with tape. gym
  • Hire professional movers: As we said earlier, much home equipment is quite heavy. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire professional movers to help transport your home gym to its new location. Our Moving company in Agoura Hills has experienced workers who can move your heaviest items without damaging them.

As you can see, moving a home gym does not have to be cumbersome especially if you hire professionals to aid you in this task. Our movers have experience moving all kinds of items and with this experience can help you protect this investment in your health. So, if you are looking for someone to help you move to your new home then visit our relocation company in Los Angeles or contact one of our representatives for a free quote.