How to Determine How Many Boxes You will Need When Moving

Everyone who is about to move must eventually have to calculate the number of boxes they will need. Too few and you could end up having to transport items that are essentially unprotected to your new home. Too many and you can have boxes lying around your home forever. We’ve put together the below ways to roughly determine the total number of boxes you will need to buy in order to properly pack up your home.

  • Determine how many rooms are to be packed: Obviously, the more rooms there are in your residence the more items you will have to pack. Additionally, many online box calculators begin with this detail to help give you an estimate of the number of boxes you will need.
  • Know the size of your residence: If you break residences down into three size categories – apartment, small home and large home – then you will begin to get an idea of the general number of boxes you will need to help you transport your belongings.
  • Use an online moving box calculator: As we said, several sites have online moving box calculators that you can use. And even though these calculators are not 100% accurate, they can give you a rough idea of how many boxes you will need.moving boxes
  • Buy too many: It is always better to have too many boxes than too few. If you have an excess of boxes at the end of your move you can always give them to others who may need to store their items. You can also have these excess boxes recycled.
  • Ask yourself how many years you have spent in your home: The longer people spend in their home the more likely it is that they will accumulate items. And while we are on the subject, you should consider de-cluttering your home as you prepare to move. This will decrease the number of boxes that you will need and will help keep unused boxes out of the environment.

Now that you have a rough idea of how many boxes you will need when moving, you will also have to factor in how many supplies you will need to go with the boxes such as tape, scissors, labels, etc. Our Westlake Village moving company can help you with your move and can give you additional tips that will make the transition to your new home and lifestyle a breeze. We offer the best moving and storage Los Angeles.