5 Commercial Office Moving Tips

A business relocation can be every bit as complicated as a residential move. In fact, it can be much more so. You’ve got big, bulky furniture and electronics to pack, customers to alert, etc. The key is to plan carefully and to get the help you need. We at Russell’s Moving and Storage provide full service moving in Los Angeles for home and small businesses as well as your home office. So, if you are planning an office move, the following tips can help make the move come in on time and on budget.

  • Start planning early: You can’t wing it when it comes to relocating your business. You need to plan every step of the way from scouting a new location to packing to transferring files to alerting customers, etc. The same is true of home offices. Set aside at least a month to contact the moving company, alert customers, etc. Otherwise, you will be left scrambling to get things together at the last moment which could cost you business.
  • Research to find the best moving company: Your move will only be as efficient and seamless as the moving company you hire. Thus, you should take some time research moving companies. Ask each candidate about their experience with office relocations as well as for references. Once you have narrowed down your candidate list, get quotes from each and compare. Finally, consider the customer service of each company you contact.
  • Make sure everything will fit: Make sure that the area you will be moving into is comparable in size to the area you will be moving from. If you have a home office, make sure that you have laid out a space in your new house where all your supplies, files, etc will fit.
  • Get the word out early: Contact your suppliers, the utility company, internet provider etc., as soon as you have decided on your new location. You should also plan to contact customers via email, company newsletter etc. Finally, don’t forget that you will need new business cards and other marketing materials that contain your new address.office
  • Back up your files: Accidents happen. Files can be lost and/or damaged during a move and for a small business this can be disastrous. Therefore, take the precaution of backing up your data on removable hard drives, CDs, microSD cards, etc.

In short, the better organized you are the less downtime your home business or small office will experience. This means you will avoid chaos and confusion when you move and this can save you time and money. Our Beverly Hills moving company can meet your relocation and storage needs as we are one of the top companies in the area.