Moving from an Apartment to a House

Taking the big step to going from an apartment to a house is an exciting milestone in your life. Not only does this move mean that you will finally be able to get the dog you’ve always wanted, it also means that you will (likely) have more space than before. Here are a few tips to help you as you transition. 


Decide early on what will move with you to your new home. Not every item that has been with you in your apartment will need to be moved to your home. Despite your currency situation being in a smaller space, there is still a lot of clutter that has probably accumulated. Take the time to declutter before you move and donate or throw away items as soon as you can to clear out your space. Pack up items as you go through them and label the boxes accordingly. 


Along with getting rid of items in your apartment, you will also want to start shopping around for new items to fill your home. Have a vision of what sorts of items and style you will want in your new home and start shopping around for them. If you find an item that you love at a great price, consider putting it in a storage facility until you move to your new home. Facilities like ours are climate controlled and meticulously organized so that your items are kept together and you know exactly what you have when you need it. 


Be sure to book your moving company as soon as you know the date you can start moving in. Not only will you feel at ease, but it will also give you a goal for moving.  As a Pasadena moving and storage company, we have helped clients not only move locally to other cities like Thousand Oaks and Westlake Village, but also to other states and even countries. 

Our Beverly Hills storage facility is equipped to handle all your storage needs as you prepare to move. Our professional movers will be able to help you pack large items and also safely transport your belongings to your new home.

Tips for Packing Lighting

Just as you take the time to carefully pack up your furniture, you should be sure to do the same for any lighting fixtures that you are taking with you to your new home. The delicate materials that these items are made out of needs to be carefully wrapped and packed so that it can make the journey without any damage. Here are some tips for packing your homes lighting pieces. 


Brass, glass, crystal, and even fabric are just a few of the materials that your lighting fixture may be made out of. Using high quality packing materials will help to protect them during transporta and avoid breakage, cracks, or scratches. Each item will need its own box and many times you can find boxes that have a padded interior that is perfect for lighting. Packing peanuts are an example of a filler material that you will want to use to ensure that the item does not move around during transit. Always use strong tape and label the outside with FRAGILE in big, bold letters. Also be sure to mark which way the box should be carried by using arrows.


Prior to putting the item in the box, if it can be disassembled, do so. For example, if you are packing a lamp, take off the lampshade and wrap it carefully in it’s own box following the above instructions. Make sure that you label it carefully so that you will know what pieces go together when you reassemble it. The lightbulb should also go in it’s own box and you can use zip ties to bundle together the cord. 


If you are not going to be moving for some time or are looking for a storage option, our Westlake Village storage company is the ideal solution. Our facility is climate controlled, which will help protect your lighting fixtures since that can get warped or damaged in fluctuating temperatures. 

If you are still unsure about packing your own lighting or have a particularly unique piece, contact us directly about our professional packing services. We are among the best moving companies in Los Angeles and have decades of experience to make your move as simple as possible.

5 Things you should get Rid of before a Move

We have talked a lot about decluttering before a move but have yet to really go into what items yours should leave behind. Ideally, any items that can have a second life should be given the chance to do so. This includes clothing, appliances, furniture, and more. However, some items will just need to be tossed. Here are a few things that you should not take with you to your new home .


Clothes- Those shoes that pinch your feet but you keep them in your closet anyway are a perfect example of an item that should be donated. Any clothes or shoes that do not fit, you don’t wear, or that have holes can be sorted accordingly. They take up lots of space during packing which is unnecessary. 


Bathroom Clean Out- Expired medications, vitamins, make up, and more should all be safely disposed of. We collect a lot of clutter in our bathrooms that does not need to make the move. Buy new shampoo, conditioner etc when you get there. 


Tupperware- We know all about the drawer that is full of mismatched, stained, slightly melted Tupperware. Now is the time to let it go. 


Board games, puzzles, toys- Especially over the pandemic, many of us have acquired puzzles and games. Think about what your family actually enjoys playing and donate what they don’t. Donate puzzles to senior centers or retirement homes but if they have missing pieces, they should probably just get thrown away. Old toys that are no longer age relevant or not played with can magically disappear (donate!) during the move.


Garage clutter- Dusty exercise equipment, furniture from college, and more has been sitting in the garage unused. Don’t take it with you just to put it in a new garage and collect dust. 


Maximizing your space in your moving truck will only save you time and money. Take the time to declutter now and understand that you will likely get rid of a few more things once you start unpacking. Our Calabasas moving and storage team is friendly and will help you with what you need. If you are looking for a Los Angeles moving and storage company, we hope that you will consider us. 


4 Tips for a Long Distance Move

Whether you are going to be moving to another state or to a different country, packing for a long distance move is an extensive process. Not only will you be getting used to the climate, culture, and perhaps even new language, you will have to decide what of your old items will continue to serve you in your new home and how you will get them there. Here are a few tips to help you plan for your long distance move. 


Insurance- Especially when you are going to be moving over the course of several days, things can unfortunately happen in the moving truck. Having insurance is a stress reliever in the long run. Make sure to choose a moving company that has experience doing cross country moves to hopefully eliminate some of the stress of packing up your grandma’s dining room table for the big move. 


Mark your boxes- You have probably gotten into the habit of labeling all your moving boxes with which room they belong to and perhaps even the contents inside. Additionally, you should clearly mark your box with your last name or another identifier in case they end up moving items from truck to truck. If you have fragile items label those as well or maybe make the box a different color to make it even more clear. 


The Delivery Window- Always be sure to carefully read what the delivery window will be and pack your essentials bag (which should stay with you) with whatever you will need to cover that time period. If you are moving into an apartment complex, be sure to speak to the building manager about using the elevator or stairs when it comes to moving in. 


Declutter- Always try to donate or get rid of items that are bulky, cheap, or just don’t have a place in your life anymore. These items will take up valuable space in your moving truck. As you pack, you should be decluttering and bringing items to the second hand shop as you go. This will clear out space in your home and make it so you aren’t making a million trips on move out day. 


If you are moving to California, our relocation company in Los Angeles can help you move your items to your new home. If you need a place to put your larger items until you have space for them, our Westlake Village storage company is the perfect solution. Contact us today about moving cross country or in state. 

5 Tips for Packing your Child’s Room

Your child’s room plays a huge role in their life and packing it up to move to your new home can be an emotional and difficult experience. For parents who will be doing this task, we have assembled a few tips for packing your child’s room. 


Appreciate the Space- Particularly if the room has changed over the years from being the nursery to the child’s own room, there is no problem in taking a second to appreciate the space. It is likely that during the packing process you will come across sentimental items that will bring back emotional memories. Pack the items that you can’t imagine having but consider donating the rest to another family who will be able to appreciate them like you have. 


Pack Last- To make the move as easy as possible for your child, make the effort to pack their room last, allowing them to keep the same routine prior to moving day. Make sure to pack an essentials bag that not only includes clothes, linens, and a towel, but also a few of their favorite toys to have ready for their new space. Label the boxes that belong to your child’s room in bold lettering to make it easy to find when you are moving in. 


Declutter- This is something you will want to do without your child in the house. Maybe they are at school or with grandparents, but the last thing you need is your child wandering in and starting to pull out items from the bag you have set to donate. Children grow out of clothes and toys quickly so keep that in mind when moving. The less you bring with you, the better so donate gently used items to donation centers or to families in need. 


Wipe down the Furniture- Sticky little hands can leave all kinds of marks on furniture. Prior to moving the large items, wipe them down with a wet rag to clean them before having them loaded into the moving truck. 


Moving In- Once you have everything unloaded, one of the best ways to help your child transition is to make their space a priority. If you can, arrange the bedroom as similarly as possible to their previous room and make their bed and put up a decoration or two. Now is when you can take out the toys from their essentials bag to make it a welcoming space. 

Packing your child’s room is just one part of a move, make sure that you have the right movers to help you along the way. Our Calabasas moving and storage company can assist you with packing, storage, and unloading to your new home. We are one of the best full service moving companies in Los Angeles.