6 Interesting Facts about Moving you may Not Know

According to U.S. Census Bureau data, 43 million people or 17% of the total U.S. population moves each year. In this sense you could say that moving is one of America’s most popular pastimes. And although we at Russell’s Moving and Storage help many people relocate every day, we try to keep in mind that the experience is a special one for our customers. To help enlighten you somewhat about this popular American activity, we’ve rounded up six moving tips and interesting facts about moving that you might not have known. Perhaps knowing some of these facts will help take some of the stress out of moving.

  • Fact: Nearly 50% of all moves occur during one third of the year – between the beginning of May and Labor Day. And why would this not be the case? The weather is usually cooperative, the kids are out of school, work schedules are more relaxed, etc. However, since this is a busy time of year for moving some people chose to move in the “off season.”
  • Fact: Nearly 20.2% of moves are employment related. This is often driven by things such as desiring an easier commute and a job transfer.
  • Fact: Friday is the most popular moving day of the week. This is because weekend schedules are usually open for many people and allows them the opportunity to unpack and settle into their new environment.
  • Fact: Professional movers are required by federal law to supply all clients with the booklet Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. The booklet explains your rights as a consumer of moving services, how to resolve complaints with movers, how to protect your high value items, etc.
  • Fact: Americans find moving to be the third most stressful life event after a death in the family and divorce. The stress increases when people try a DIY move. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire professionals to help relieve some of this stress. Our company offers full service moving in Los Angeles and our customer service team knows that one of their jobs is to make your move seamless.moving
  • Fact: Hiring professionals may be cheaper than going it alone. This is because the moving company will cover all such as packing, the truck, transportation costs, toll expenses, etc. Our company even offers designer services Los Angeles.

In short, Americans love the opportunity to start fresh all over again in a new town or neighborhood. We would be delighted to become a part of that opportunity. Learn more great facts about moving and how we can help you enjoy a stress-free move by contacting us today.

5 of the Best Moving Apps for Before, During and After Your Move

Are you planning to move soon? If you are then undoubtedly you are also looking for ways to make the transition smooth and seamless. One way to do this is to hire our Los Angeles moving and storage company to take care of your relocation needs. However, it is not the only way to guarantee a stress-free move. There is technology too. As proof of this, we’ve compiled some of the best moving apps that will help streamline and automate your move from the moment you start getting organized to after you have settled into your new neighborhood.

  • Letgo: This multi faceted app helps make selling items you no longer need simple and worry free. With it you can post photos of your unwanted items online and contact interested buyers. This way you can de-clutter prior to moving and make some extra cash on the side.
  • Google Keep: This app helps you to organize the million little things that must be taken of prior to moving. With it you can check off some of these tasks and create a packing timelines, to-do lists, etc.
  • Online Classified Apps: Craigslist, Kijiji, Offerup, etc. These apps are good for posting and selling individual items you wish to sell and for advertising garage sales, moving sales, etc. With these apps you may be able to defray the costs associated with moving if not eliminate them entirely.
  • MagicPlan: With this app you can create a customized floor plan for your new home. The app will walk you through each room of the house and help you analyze distances and measurements of the spaces within so that you can make sure that all your belongings will fit. This is infinitely better than using an old fashioned tape measure and just hoping for the best.phone app
  • Nextdoor: Once you’ve actually moved into your new home Nextdoor can help you learn about local services and can even send you crime alerts and other information about your new neighborhood keeping you and your family safe.

Stressing out over your next move is unnecessary. Download these apps to help you get through the chaos of moving. They help make the moving process easier and may even make it enjoyable. As an added bonus, these apps are conveniently available on either the iOS or Android operating systems. And as always, our Pasadena moving company is here to remove another layer of stress from your next move.

5 Commercial Office Moving Tips

A business relocation can be every bit as complicated as a residential move. In fact, it can be much more so. You’ve got big, bulky furniture and electronics to pack, customers to alert, etc. The key is to plan carefully and to get the help you need. We at Russell’s Moving and Storage provide full service moving in Los Angeles for home and small businesses as well as your home office. So, if you are planning an office move, the following tips can help make the move come in on time and on budget.

  • Start planning early: You can’t wing it when it comes to relocating your business. You need to plan every step of the way from scouting a new location to packing to transferring files to alerting customers, etc. The same is true of home offices. Set aside at least a month to contact the moving company, alert customers, etc. Otherwise, you will be left scrambling to get things together at the last moment which could cost you business.
  • Research to find the best moving company: Your move will only be as efficient and seamless as the moving company you hire. Thus, you should take some time research moving companies. Ask each candidate about their experience with office relocations as well as for references. Once you have narrowed down your candidate list, get quotes from each and compare. Finally, consider the customer service of each company you contact.
  • Make sure everything will fit: Make sure that the area you will be moving into is comparable in size to the area you will be moving from. If you have a home office, make sure that you have laid out a space in your new house where all your supplies, files, etc will fit.
  • Get the word out early: Contact your suppliers, the utility company, internet provider etc., as soon as you have decided on your new location. You should also plan to contact customers via email, company newsletter etc. Finally, don’t forget that you will need new business cards and other marketing materials that contain your new address.office
  • Back up your files: Accidents happen. Files can be lost and/or damaged during a move and for a small business this can be disastrous. Therefore, take the precaution of backing up your data on removable hard drives, CDs, microSD cards, etc.

In short, the better organized you are the less downtime your home business or small office will experience. This means you will avoid chaos and confusion when you move and this can save you time and money. Our Beverly Hills moving company can meet your relocation and storage needs as we are one of the top companies in the area.

Ways to Prevent Moving Day Injuries

Moving should be part of a wonderful new adventure into a new home and community. It should not be an occasion when you or someone in your family becomes the victim of an injury. Therefore, if you would like to eliminate worries about your family’s safety as one of the difficulties of moving, we offer the following advice on doing so safely.

  • Ask for adequate moving assistance: Our movers are just a phone call or email away. If you have items that are heavy, call our relocation company in Los Angeles. Our movers have experience moving heavy items. This experience protects them from injury and your property from damage. For those items you do wish to move yourself, ask a friend or family member to assist you.
  • Use proper lifting techniques: Back injuries are all too common for self movers. This is usually due to improper form when moving. When lifting heavy items, use your legs and not your back. Also, warm up and stretch before you begin to move.
  • Don’t lift too much at once: It may take a bit more time but you should take as many trips as necessary when moving multiple items. Trying to carry too much at once is an invitation for injury.
  • Keep hallways and pathways clear of obstacles: Create and maintain an unconstrained space since you will need room in which to move. This can be done by staying well organized and keeping pathways and hallways clear of boxes, furnishings, etc.
  • Keep the way clear of your kids and pets: Keep small children and pets away from the main hub of your moving efforts. Both can unknowingly create hazards for moving personnel and for other family members. Arrange for a friend or relative to watch your pets and children until the time when you will actually be starting out of the road. hurting back
  • Use proper packaging: Be sure to pack heavy items in sturdy boxes. Otherwise you may risk a box breaking open and causing injury to yourself and/or your family.

Finally, hiring a team of movers is also worth considering as a way to avoid the stress and potential injury involved in moving. You will find doing so to be surprisingly affordable especially when you consider that doing so may prevent such injuries. We are always here to offer our advice and our guidance when you need one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles.

How to Prepare Your Furniture for Long Term Storage

Whether it is required because of a military deployment, an extended out-of-town job assignment or overseas college studies, long term storage is sometimes the best option many people have to protect and preserve their belongings. However, this is only possible when people are properly prepared as to how to store their belongings. Here are a few very important tips that will help ensure that your long term storage needs are properly fulfilled and that your items will be in good condition when you retrieve them.

  • Know that all storage facilities are not the same: All storage facilities are not created equally. There are differences between each when it comes to the security measures they take to protect your belongings, cleanliness, temperature controls, customer service, etc. Keep these issues uppermost in your mind as you begin looking for a company in which you will trust your life long possessions. Our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles offers climate controls to protect your belongings in both the short and long term.
  • Thoroughly clean and wrap your furniture for long term storage: Vacuum dust and dirt from upholstered furniture, polish wood items, etc, before putting them away. Doing this will help extend the life of your belongings.
  • Use new sturdy boxes: Your items will only be as safe as they materials they are packed in and the boxes that surround them. Therefore, when storing your possessions for the long term, do not skimp on boxes, crates, etc. Use only the best container (s).
  • Purchase travel and storage insurance just in case: If you have especially valuable items you may wish to look into purchasing additional insurance to protect them in the event of an accident. This way you will have peace of mind knowing that any items that do become lost or damaged will be replaced.furniture
  • Have someone check in on your belongings from time to time: Appoint someone you trust to look in on your items from time to time and who will report to you if the need arises. This person should be given full access to the items you are storing.

The above tips for long-term furniture storage will help keep your belongings in excellent shape until you need them again. It will all depend on the steps you take before storing your items, the condition they were in when you placed them in storage and the company you entrust your belongings to. Our Thousand Oaks moving and storage company has a large, secure facility that you can depend upon to protect and preserve your items.