5 Advantages Storage Facilities have over PODS

It seems to make perfect sense at first. You need a place to store your belongings for an indefinite period of time so you decide to use PODs for on-site storage. After all, this solution places items you own within your view at all times. This makes convenience a major factor in why most people choose PODs over professional storage facilities. Yet, for all the convenience on-site storage units add to the storage process, facilities like ours are far more superior. Portable storage cannot match our facilities in a number of areas. Here a just some of the advantages using our storage and delivery service in Los Angeles has over PODS.
PODS are illegal in some places: Since PODs are not vehicles they are considered to be objects that can obstruct the public right of way. They can block service vehicle from accessing local roads and streets. Moreover, many municipalities find portable storage units to be eyesores.
Storage facilities offer a greater variety of sizes: Our Pasadena moving and storage company storage spaces range in sizes from small 8×10 units to huge 20×30 units, and beyond. No portable storage unit could possibly offer such a variety of options for storing your belongings.
Costs: Storage facilities like our costs less money than a POD rental. This is especially true if several POD units are needed for the reason stated above.
Security: Our facilities are far more secure than are portable storage units. Unauthorized access to our Storage Facility in Agoura Hills is virtually impossible. On the other hand, portable storage units pose a very attractive temptation for burglars and vandals.
Better climate controls: Excessive heat and/or humidity can damage many belongings. Our facilities offer much better climate controls than do on-street PODs.storage
We know portable storage units are popping up all over the country but sometimes the obvious solution is not very efficient. There are a lot of difficulties associated with using portable storage units that usually only become obvious once someone has rented one. Our facilities are well-protected, climate-controlled and offer users a wide variety of sizes from which to choose. So, the next time you think of either short or long term storage think of using Russell’s Moving and Storage. We offer safer storage at a much more reasonable price than PODs and help to relieve your home and community of clutter.