5 Ways to Relieve Stress after Your Move

At Russell’s Moving and Storage we do everything we can to make your moving day less hectic than it is generally is for people who do not use professional movers. Despite that, we know that moving can still be both a physical and emotionally exhausting experience. So, it is only natural that once you reach the end of your journey, you will want to relax and reward yourself with some pampering. Therefore, in honor of upcoming International Stress Awareness Week (11/5 – 11/9), we present 5 ways to relax after your move.

  • Meditate: Take some time after your move to sit quietly and close your eyes. Meditation allows your brain to move from a highly agitated condition to a more relaxed and neutral state. Moreover, research has proven time and time again that meditation relieves stress and even helps to control blood pressure.
  • Take a power nap: It almost seems too simple but if you are tired and stressed the best way to revitalize yourself is by taking a quick nap. Short naps have been proven to not only relieve stress, but they have also been shown to improve mood, alertness and performance.
  • Watch a movie or TV program: If the utilities are working at your new home, why not relax with the family and watch a favorite movie or TV program.
  • Listen to music: Listening to soothing music has been proven to release endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are hormones secreted within the brain and nervous system that make us “feel good” by producing feelings of pleasure and euphoria.
  • Take a bath: According to Minneapolis-based dermatologist Bailey Lee, MD., there is much anecdotal evidence to support the idea that bathing activates the body’s healing capabilities. Try an Epsom Salt bath to relieve stress after you’ve reach your new home. In addition to Epsom Salt or similar solution, you may wish to incorporate aromatherapy into your bath. Experts recommend taking an essential-oil bath to aid sleep, promote relaxation and manage stress. stress

You can begin the process of making the transition to another location less stressful by using our designer’s delivery service in Los Angeles. We can expertly handle your most treasured possessions giving you what most people do not have on moving day – peace of mind. For storage in Agoura Hills or moving needs, we say that moving day does not have to be stressful.