7 Tips for Handling Bad Neighbors

They can make the most perfect move to the most idyllic location a living hell. We are referring to bad neighbors. Unfortunately, they are an inescapable part of life. Thus, the trick is not in avoiding them altogether, it is in knowing how to deal with them so that things do not get out of hand as they sometimes do. Here are some tips for dealing with difficult neighbors so that you can hopefully turn a bad neighbor into a good one.

  • Get to know each other: Introduce yourself to your nearest neighbor(s) when you or they first move in. This won’t necessarily lead to you becoming best friends but it can go a long way in establishing a rapport with them.
  • Talk it out: Don’t sit in your home and fume over your neighbor’s irritating conduct and assume they are aware of your anger. Calmly and politely tell them if their stereo is too loud, dog is pooping on your lawn, etc. Helping to establish a rapport with them in the beginning as it pointed out in the above tip will go a long way here.
  • Check with other neighbors: If the situation has not resolved itself with a one-on-one meeting, talk to other neighbors on the block to see if they are having similar problems. There is strength in numbers. Arrange for a meeting between you, your ally and the offender to talk out the problem.neighbors
  • Consult your HOA: If things escalate you may try writing to your local condo or block association. See if the tenant is in violation of some ordinance that violates other neighbors’ right to quiet enjoyment.
  • Document the problem: This will help tremendously in the event you are forced to call the police.
  • Call the police: Warning: This is for things like excessive noise and illegal activity not minor inconveniences. Explain to the officer(s) the problem, how you attempted to resolve it amicably and show all documentation of the situation.
  • Take it to small claims court: As a final resort there are the courts. If things have escalated and you do need to go to small claims court be sure to have all your documentation in hand. Also, remember to come up with an estimate of damages.

In brief, dealing with bad neighbors takes tact and a certain diplomatic approach. The key to doing this is to negotiate first, then document and then if all else fails take action by calling the police or going to small claims court. For your full service moving in Los Angeles we can help make the actual moving part seamless as one of the best moving companies in Los Angeles.