6 Tips for Getting Your Security Deposit Back

One of the biggest challenges people who move from one apartment to another or from an apartment to a home face is getting their security deposit back. Sure it’s the tenant’s money, but some landlord’s find inventive and underhanded ways to keep this money. In fact, some people who move simply count this money as a loss. Well, you shouldn’t. If you are moving from an apartment to another apartment or from an apartment to a house, our relocation company in Los Angeles offers you the following tips for how you can increase the chances that you will get your security deposit back.

  • Document everything: Take pictures of the property before you move out to note any damage that may have occurred while you were in possession of the apartment. This will help if the landlord decides to “exaggerate” any damage done to the apartment. Also, keep a record of all maintenance issues you raised with the landlord while you were a tenant.

·         Clean thoroughly: Ideally you would have done this on a regular basis while you were a tenant. However, whether you were a stickler for cleanliness while you occupied the apartment, you should do a deep, serious cleaning before you leave. Also, consider having professionals clean your apartment. Finally, keep all receipts of their services.

  • Do a walk through with the landlord: This will give you an opportunity to examine the apartment with your landlord and present the above “evidence.” You may even consider asking the landlord to sign an agreement stating that you left the apartment in fair condition.security deposit
  • Read your lease carefully: Your lease will contain information about what is expected of you when it comes to maintaining your unit. Reread it several months before you decide to move out so that you can correct any potential violations regarding your apartment’s upkeep.
  • Leave plenty of time for repairs: While you are a tenant, the landlord is obligated to make repairs to your apartment for free. When you are contemplating moving, be sure to contact him/her when repairs must be made.
  • Be ready for a fight: As we said, many people expect that they will not get their security deposit back. If your landlord does communicate that he/she will be keeping your deposit, demand an itemized list of the withheld money. Look for inconsistencies and redundant services to the apartment. As a last resort, you can always use small claims court if you feel that your deposit has been withheld unjustly.

To summarize, make plans well in advance of your actual moving day to ensure that you will get your deposit back from the landlord. If you were a conscientious tenant who did not do extensive damage to your apartment, you should expect all or at least some of this money back. It is yours, after all. When you do decide to move remember that our company provides the best moving and storage in Los Angeles.