How to Decide Whether you need to Rent a Storage Unit

As we’ve often stated on this blog, moving can be one of life’s most stress inducing events. There are a million things to do before, during and after moving into a new home. One of the biggest challenges is deciding what to do with furniture that you will not be putting in your new home. A family may, for example, find that moving to a smaller home from a large home produces an excess of personal items, furnishings, etc. Or a family may find that their older belongings don’t all match the décor of their new home, etc. So as it becomes clear that you will not be transferring all your furnishings to your new home, the important question you should ask yourself is, “Would it be in my best interest to rent a storage unit?” We’ve created this list to help you decide whether paying for a storage unit is the wise thing to do.

  • Can you afford to rent a storage unit? There are many costs associated with moving as we’ve discussed in previous posts. Before you rent a storage unit make sure that it fits into your budget.
  • You have items you don’t want to sell but don’t wish to bring to your new home: Do you have items that you wish to keep but don’t wish to sell? One way to get rid of items that you know will not be accompanying you to your new home is to hold a moving sale. However, people often find themselves wanting to downsize their belongings but not to the point of disposing of them. If you are one of those people, our designer services in Los Angeles may be the perfect solution.
  • Is your move temporary? If you are moving because of a military deployment or similar event, you may wish to place items in storage rather than sell them, squeeze them into temporary lodgings or try to transport them across the unit
  • Do you have valuables such as fine art? You may wish to keep fine art, etc., in a place that is climate controlled such as our facilities. Many people store items like these in storage units rather than take them to their new homes.
  • Are you recently divorced: When a couple decides to go their separate ways there are often an excess of items that must be put away. Storage units are ideal for helping people in these circumstances.

In short, a storage unit can be an excellent resource depending on a family’s unique situation. Think carefully and weigh all your options and when you are ready our service, which is among the best moving and storage companies in Los Angeles, can help you make the right choice that keeps your belongs secure until you decide to retrieve them.