7 Tips for Taking Excellent Home Listing Photos

Any seller of  nearly any product that is being sold remotely knows that well-taken, vivid photos sell. A buyer should practically feel the product in front of him or her. This is an idea that EBay sellers know well and the most successful merchants there present buyers with an entire gallery of crisp, clear pictures that practically jump off the page. When it comes to selling your home, it is no different. Photos are the best tools a home owner can use to help remote sellers get a clear idea of what your home looks like. Consider these 7 tips from our full service moving in Los Angeles for taking the kinds of photos that will get your listing the kind of attention it deserves.

  • Take a shot from the curb: Buyers decide pretty quickly whether or not they want to explore a home in detail. Wait until the weather is perfect and no cars obstruct your view to take a clear photo of the outside of your home. You will especially want to do this if your home is high in curb appeal.
  • Consider taking a bird’s eye picture of your home: Drones are in heavy use in commercial real estate. There is no reason that you cannot use one to emphasize the appeal of your home and the adjoining property.
  • Consider presenting your home in 3D: This is another perspective that is made possible by technology. Let prospective buyers have a virtual tour of your home.
  • Consider using the services of a professional photographer: A professional photographer will know all about which lighting best suits each shot. He or she will also know about perspective, angle and color. The right real estate photography service can make your home stand out from the millions of other homes on the market.
  • Take pictures from all angles: Let the potential buyer see your house from the front, back, side and every other angle. Decide from there which angles flatter your home the most.home listing photos
  • Make sure the house is clean: Make sure that all rooms are empty and that they are immaculate before taking photos. This means cleaning carpets, walls, windows, etc.
  • Stage each room: Make your home stand out by paying careful attention to each room’s uniqueness. Creating cozy little schemes as you move through each room will give potential buyers the idea that purchasing your house may be in their future.

In short, our general advice is to not ignore this valuable tool when it comes to presenting your home to the market. A series of well taken photos can be the difference between selling your home quickly and at a price you desire and not selling it at all. When you are ready to move, our Beverly Hills storage and moving company can make sure that the process goes off without a hitch.